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January 30, 2015
by shealynn

Pom Pom Flowers – a tutorial

Here in Arizona we don’t really have winter.  I mean they call it winter, but it’s not really.  60-80 degrees during the day really is more like spring or fall to everyone else… including me.  ;)  Not that I’m complaining, because, honestly?  While most of the country is bundling up, shoveling snow, scraping ice off their windshields and just basically freezing, us Arizonians are out in short sleeves playing at the park, going for walks and drinking smoothies.  In January.  The point to all of this is that I thought it might be nice to share a tutorial that could brighten up your home during the rest of winter!  Sure, you could go to the store and buy real flowers to brighten things up… and you still can!  But why not add a bright bit of fun to your home that won’t eventually die?  :)  And thus, I give you the pom pom flowers!



Yarn (whatever color you prefer)

Hot Glue

Pom Pom Makers


Floral Wire



This is a seriously easy project.  And you’re going to want to make a million pom poms… so be ready to be obsessed!  haha!


Start by wrapping your yarn around your yarn maker… wrap and wrap and wrap.  Then switch to the other side and wrap and wrap and wrap.  Then fold in the yarn maker and cut in the middle.  (see pictures below)

Processed with Moldiv


Take a spare piece of yarn, wrap and tie the middle of the yarn maker.  Then take apart the yarn maker as shown on the yarn maker packaging.  Once your pom pom has been set free, trim it so it’s all uniform around.

Processed with Moldiv


Now go on and make a billion more…



Once you have the amount of pom poms you’d like, grab your sticks and/or your floral wire, and hot glue gun.


Now, I squirt (I hate that word but there’s no way around it) some hot glue on a piece of spare cardboard, paper towel etc and then dip the end of your stick or floral wire in the hot glue and push it into the pom pom.


Make sure you’re careful so you don’t get hot glue all over the pom pom.  You don’t want to see the hot glue.  And honestly?  THAT IS IT!


Takes literally minutes to make these!  But it’s so worth it, because look how happy they are!  Make extra and send them to a friend, your mom, grandma, aunt… or you can put them on a present to spiff it up!  Endless are the possibilities of the Pom Pom Flower!  :)





I hope this tutorial doesn’t seem silly.  But I just love these!  :D










January 27, 2015
by shealynn


I’ve been kinda itching to start a business again.

I’m itching to make things for people again.  I don’t miss the stress of owning my own business though.  I don’t think people realize how stressful owning your own business truly can be.  But my biggest hiccup with starting a business right now is because what I remember the most about owning my own business was the time.  The hours spent sewing, emailing, buying new supplies, prepping, cutting, ironing, etc.  The times I missed out on doing things with my family.  SO many things I didn’t get to do because I had to sew.  I loved my business.  Truly loved it.  And maybe someday I will start something.  Maybe soon, maybe not.  Who knows.

While I was nursing Brooke this morning I was thinking about this subject.  Thinking about my increasing want to create on a regular basis.  I was brainstorming and trying to figure out a way I could push myself to create on a regular basis for fun.  Not for a business.  And that’s when I decided.

From now on, I am going to create something at least once a week and share the tutorial here on my blog with all of you!  Kinda like what I did in May of 2012.  But instead of one daily, it’ll be weekly… sometimes more than that.  This will fulfill 2 things for me.  It will give me a reason to blog regularly and it will get me creating regularly like I want.  It will also fulfill that need of starting a business as well except I won’t be making money, but that’s ok.  I’ll post a new tutorial every Thursday.  This way if you decide you want to make what I have shown it gives you the weekend to do so. If I have the time then I’ll post other tutorials or stories, etc.

Anyway.  I’m excited about this!  I’m excited to put my blog to use again as well as my hands!  Maybe I’ll even do video tutorials sometimes too.  Especially since I no longer have a DSLR.

I’ll also repost my most popular tutorials from May of 2012 as well for you guys starting next Monday.


I’m baaaaaack!!!  ;)








January 15, 2015
by shealynn
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Everything old is new again


Today I was using the microwave.  I was standing in front of it quietly chanting “hurry hurry hurry”.  Kinda like those old Mervyn’s commercials where the woman is standing outside of the store with her face and hands pressed against the window saying “open open open”.  Yeah.  So I’m standing there willing my microwave to work faster when Mason comes up to me and says “old me mama, old me”.  So I pick him up and as he becomes level with the microwave he begins to get excited.  And when he gets excited… like really excited, his body starts to shake and he throws his hands out and just wiggles them and then he starts wiggling his feet.  It’s so damn cute.  So he begins saying “OH WOW!!  OH WOW!  OH WOOOOOOWWWWW!”  And he starts shaking and wiggling and giggling.  And I just watch his face.  I observe this entire moment so closely because it made me smile so big.  It made me realize that something so lamely simple to me, like the microwave, which I’ve seen work a million times, is so amazingly miraculous to him.  He got so excited about the microwave and soon I realized how contagious his excitement was because I started getting excited watching him get excited.  haha!

When was the last time you honestly got that excited over something?  I mean downright shaking and wiggly giggly over something?  I don’t even remember.  But watching him take in the workings of the microwave just made me realize how much fun it is see things through a child’s eyes.  I’ve had several moments like this with Mason, but he was the most vocal with this one.  He wasn’t just shaking and wiggly giggly, he was communicating his excitement loudly.  I love how things that are old news to me become new to my kids.  Just watching their eyes light up and their expressions change several times… it’s quite something to witness, and it’s something you simply can not witness without smiling right along with them.

Makes me realize how much we take advantage of.  Good thing I have 2 little ones that will make me stop and smell the proverbial roses on a daily basis.


I know this is such a random post, but it was just something I wanted to write down and remember.  Do you ever have moments like that?  Moments you know you’ll forget soon if you don’t write them down relatively soon after they’ve happened?  You get me then.  ;)