Shey B

She is 4 years old ALREADY???


Man, it seems like just yesterday Angelina was born. As I think about her being 4 years old already, I can hardly believe it! I was told right after Angelina was born that I need to cherish her, because before I knew it she would be in high school. Well, she’s not quite in high school, obviously, but that statement still holds true! She is in Pre-Kindergarten! It seems like once you have children, your time just streams by faster than you can think. It just means to me that I need to live in the moment with my children, and cherish every single second of their childhood. While this little baby is growing inside me, I feel as though I only have a short time to get in my one on one time with Angelina. So, I am going to do my best to take advantage of my time with her, and do as much as I can with her, and make as many memories I can with her before baby #2 arrives. Because when baby #2 arrives Me, Angelina and baby will be making memories together. Yes, my husband too… I am mainly talking about during the week when he is working, though. I mean, I spend so much time with her I need to continue to strive to be a positive and encouraging and strong figure in her life. I want to raise her to love the Lord, and to love her neighbor, and to love her parents, and grandparents, etc. So far, I know I am doing a damn good job! :)

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