Shey B

It’s a GIRL!


Yes, I know what everyone must be thinking! What?!?! You had your baby ALREADY? But….

Yes, we did. Unfortunately, I went into labor during my dad’s birthday dinner and then proceeded to go to the hospital. In getting there I found out that I was 6 centimeters dilated and there was nothing they could do but wait and let the baby come! It was very scary, but, we were told the outcome was excellent! She is healthy! She is on the ventilator, but expected to come off of it any time now.

So, here is the announcement…

Michael, Shealynn and Angelina welcome,

Zoe Rae Benner
Born: 10/17/06 @ 2:41 AM
Weight: 3 LBS. 4 OZ. and 17 Inches Long
Zoe was born 10 Weeks too soon!

Original Due Date: 12/26/06

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