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Hey everyone! Me and a bunch of people are going to walk in the Walk America walk for Premature babies. March of Dimes is putting it on! I am so excited! I am so passionate about this, and love to be involved in such a worthy cause! Our team is trying to raise money to donate to March of Dimes! Please read on…

Every year, half a million babies in the U.S. are born prematurely. Premature birth is the leading cause of newborn death and many life long disabilities. The funds we raise in WalkAmerica support research that saves babies’ lives just like Zoe’s.
Our mission is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and
infant mortality.

Please help us by donating for Zoe! Cut and Paste the link below! Thank you for the consideration, and please know that there is NO pressure.

Thank you!

Shealynn, Michael, Angelina and most of all, ZOE!

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  1. Dear March of Dimes supporter,

    Your help is needed!

    You may have heard the news …WalkAmerica is now called March for Babies. Our new name makes it very clear who we’re walking for ― all babies.

    Now we need your help in getting the word out. Whether it’s in a blog, an email to friends or by putting this badge on your website … every mention of our new name helps.

    Visit our Web site at for our new logo and other materials to help us spread the word.

    While our event name is different, our mission remains the same. March of Dimes is still the champion for babies – raising funds needed for research and programs that make a difference in the lives of babies and their families.

    We appreciate your ongoing support. Please don’t hesitate to e-mail us at if you have any questions about our new name or our event.

    One day all babies will be born healthy, but we have to walk to get there.

    Thank you,
    March for Babies Team

    March of Dimes Foundation
    1275 Mamaroneck Avenue
    White Plains, NY 10605

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