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FINGERS!!!, originally uploaded by Moon and Back.

Zoe has a MAJOR fascination with her hands. It’s almost like she thinks… “OH! My hands!! I MUST play with them hourly!” She is a very content baby, and who would have thought it was mostly because, her hands are the BEST entertainers!!

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  1. thanks for the sweet note on my blog…I’m doing okay, my husband has started is job in NY so I miss him like crazy…I need to do a new blog, just haven’ felt like it much but I have an appointment Wed so I figured I’ll have some new info to share about baby. We’re just adjusting ya know getting used to talking via ichat instead of in person but I keep telling myself this will be merely a blip on the radar in a few months when we’re all moved and getting settled not only in NY but also with our new little dude….I need to get your email, I’m going to have suzanne email you my address so we don’t have to chat via blog….I hope you have a great week!

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