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Living with a MAJOR Daddy’s Girl


So, I can’t help but sit here and think how this all came about. As the years have passed, Angelina has leaned more and more on Mike and less and less on me. Mike is tremendously involved in her life. And in Zoe’s too. But, Angelina is almost 5, and as you guessed it, this post is about her. :) I do happen to adore that Mike and Angelina are ever so close, but at times, I can’t help but wonder how their closeness evolved… I mean nothing will separate the bond these 2 have with each other. They are stuck together like glue! Once again, I love this fact, but it sometimes brings me to this sadness in which I am unsure I can explain. At times it’s almost like she doesn’t want to be with me. For instance. Right now, she insists on sitting in my bedroom alone while Mike is finished showering. She refuses to sit in here with me on my lap or otherwise. “don’t take it personal”. Well, I have been told that an infinite amount of times. But, hmmm, I can’t help it! Don’t get me wrong, there are times when she does lean the other way… on me. And, I soak every millisecond of that up! But these times are few and far between… and mostly when Mike is out of town! I guess I am just rambling, but I am getting this out at least.
My love for Angelina is immeasurable!! I love my girlie girl to the moon and back a million times. I just wish she had more of a want to be with me.
She and I do have our special things, i.e. crafts, and things. But man, as soon as a whisper comes out of Mike’s mouth or a creak in the stair when he is coming… she is off like a horse from the gate! Now, it is SO cute to watch her to get SO excited about seeing her beloved Daddy! I love watching them together. And seeing how good Mike is with her, and with Zoe, melts my heart, and makes my love for him grow tremendously.
I suppose that I will have my time with Angelina, but I may need to wait until she is older. I was pretty darn close with my dad growing up… and I still am very close with him. But, I am also very close with my mom too. I would even go as far as to call her my best friend. I see how my mom and I are, and can’t help but hope that Angelina, Zoe and I have this closeness someday! It’s a day and time I look forward to very much!!
For now, Zoe is a mama’s girl, so I have realized that I need to soak all of her love for me up like a sponge, because one of these days, she will likely be glued to Mike’s other hip! :) ha ha!


  1. I understand what you’re describing. I have a 7 year old daughter who adores her papa and also her mimi (MIL) and I’ve taken the back seat on more than on occassion and many times it stung quite a bit. Things have gotten MUCH better in the last couple of years (since school I think). As your girl grows, so will her need for a close relationship with the one person that she can relate to on an emotional level that dads just can’t get to. For now, just keep enjoying that beautiful relationship she’s growing with Daddy because that is sooo important for so many reasons.

  2. Yes to say that I am obsessed with blogging may be any understatement, but I don’t really care. LOL. It let’s me get my thoughts out, and tell others what the kiddos are up to.

    Thanks for the encouragement about my daughter being such a daddy’s girl!! I do LOVE that she is so close with my husband!! Trust me! I see way too many dads that are not involved in their kid’s lives, and it saddens me.

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