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Cowboys, Horses, Bulls… *OH MY*!!


On Saturday night we went to the Rodeo in our town!! It was SO fun! I hadn’t been to a rodeo since I was a kid, and when I heard about this rodeo, I *had* to go!! Angelina {loves} horses, and I knew that she would love seeing all the *action*. So, we went. And, it was SO much *fun*!! Mike made a comment that it was the first “hick” thing we have done since we moved here… haha! Hick thing or not, it was a total *BLAST*! It gave me this feeling of being in the country {and I *love* that feeling}. Angelina {had} to have a cow*girl hat too, so, of course we bought her one, and it couldn’t be anything else but ::pink:: *of course*! :) I must say, she sported that cow*girl hat well! She looked right at home in that good ‘ole country/ranch setting. Zoe had a great time too, and actually was dressed *perfectly* for the occasion. Her sleeper had cows all over it, and cow feet. :) *So Cute*. Zoe did ::famously:: through the whole thing! Buzzers buzzing, shot of a *fake* gun, hootin and hollerin {like that? do I sound country yet?} hehe, and one girl screeching instead of “hootin” next to us. She would jump, but that was all. She even slept through part of it!! Such a *great* easy baby!!
Well, I think it’s safe to say we all had a great {dirty} time! :) And, of course, I did document the moment by taking *tons* of pictures! Which, of course I {had} to share!! There are quite a few, but ::enjoy:: them anyway! :)

We were getting ready to leave, and Angelina decided that Zoe *needed* to wear her sunglasses. haha.

The girls in the {Jeep}. It’s *officially* warm enough, so the Jeep is now *Topless*!

Mike and his Girls in the Jeep. Angelina *loves* riding in the Jeep!! Zoe sleeps… haha!

Watching the barrel racing!

See the cows?

The rodeo “clown”

I *love* this picture! It kinda trips me out, because Zoe is the only one in focus, and everything else is pretty blurry. :)


So ::CUTE:: in her pink cow*girl hat!

This is Angelina’s favorite “baby”. Her name is Lambie. When I bought this, I would have *never* thought this would be her favorite stuffed animal! But, Angelina and Lambie are inseparable! So, she had to join in on the *dirty fun* too! :)

::Bull Riding::


Our little cow*girl… and, Lambie. :)

I got some pretty great shots of the bull riding!

*Lovin* the Rodeo!


Here is a cowboy running for his life! haha!

Right out of the Bull Pin

Watching the horses during intermission.

Happy *LAST* day of April!!


  1. Okay now I know we were meant to meet. Although I’ve lived in Texas my entire life I’ve never been to a rodeo, not sure why I love horses too but it just never came up….but what excited was the JEEP! Matt and I are the biggest Jeep finatics, the last two years is the only time we haven’t owned a JEEP, but depending on where we end up in NY we want to buy another Jeep because living on the coast it just doesn’t seem right not to have one, I mean with fall leaves and amazing cities what could be better! Yeah for Jeepers! Love the pics of the girls and sunglasses! We never see many pics of mom…hmmm….is that intentional or just the product of mom always being behind the camera? Skittles!

  2. Haha! Yes, Jeeps *Rock*!! :) We are actually going to get a 4 door Jeep and a Jeep Commander. :) Commander for me. *Woo Hoo*.
    No pics of me…LOL. Intentional! I am chubs right now, and losing weight. Pictures of me coming *one day*. LOL. I am SO critical of myself that there is never going to be a {good enough} picture to post on my blog. Soon, though! :) Plus, I LOVE taking pictures!! Thinking about taking it up again! A lot of “my” people want to hire me to take their family portraits and what not, so I am *Thrilled* about that! I have some *super* ideas!! :)

  3. Good morning, dear little family ! Thanks for sharing the pix….I went to rodeos when I was in high school and enjoyed the small town ones better than the big ones later. We have been to a couple here in Springdale….it is a huge event w/cowboys from all over the world…Australia, Chili, and all over the U.S…..My 2 favorite pictures are the baby with the sunglasses and the very last picture of Angelina standing on the fence w/her back to us…it is precious…I love you and w/chat w/you soon. Thanks for being so faithful w/all the updates…..xoxoxo grandma

  4. Love the rodeo shots. And how fabulous is the pink hat?!

  5. how funny Angelina has a lambie….my daughter’s fav is also
    lambie. what’s with kids and the literal names? she also has a blue teddy bear…and guess what his name is..yep…blue teddy bear. how original. cute, though, they both have lambies. (and we used to own a jeep) i’m sure we’ll return to owning one again someday…just wasn’t practical for us at the time.

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