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I {HEART} North Carolina!!

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So, I went out today to photograph bits and pieces of North Carolina that I love. Please note that I never went more than a mile from my house!!! I think the highlight of my day, besides seeing *horses*, was an old man on his riding lawn mower. He must have been at least 75 years old… but, the highlight of that was not the old man himself, but his tiny dog sitting on his lap as he was mowing. It was so *cute*! It inspired me to laugh hysterically and made me realize that I would of never seen that in California! That old man and his “hitch hiker” reminded me just how much *I heart North Carolina*!!

Other reasons, I heart NC, and believe you all should move here?
*Our state Farmer’s Market ROCKS!!
*Can you say {thunder storms}? Yes, we have the best!!
*People are so nice!!
*Not expensive to live here
*Did I mention the great and *beautiful* storms we get? Can you tell I love a good storm? LOL
*Most homes have at least a 1/2 acre of land
***Do I really need to go on?***

Oh, and the seasons are great, and the weather is great too! Some snow… if we’re lucky! :) So, now that I have sold you, come on down to NC! HA HA HA!! ;)

Enjoy the pictures!!

*Horse Noses* Love ‘Em!

I kid you not, this bull is {literally} the size of a Mini Cooper!! He is *Huge*


Aren’t tire swings *fantastic*? They totally remind me of {summer time}



*oh, by the way, check out my Stick Horses blog… there is a new scrapbook layout posted*

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  1. I love horses, too! I love the piercings pic.

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