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Finding *Feet* and [Flowers]! :)


So, the time has finally come that Zoe has now FOUND HER FEET!! Woo hoo! :) She became interested in them a couple of weeks ago, and then decided to touch them and see what they were all about. :) I wondered for a minute if she could figure out how to let them go, because she looked at me with this crazy look on her face as if to say, “OH MY! WHAT DID I DO?” haha! But, obviously she did let go, and I think she scared herself, because she doesn’t have control of letting her legs down slowly yet. *haha*! It was pretty cute, though! :)

Oh, and North Carolina has the coolest thing! They started this *Highway Beautification* project a couple of years ago, which makes a once mundane ride now a oooooooh*ing and awwww*ing experience. So, crazy me… I stopped on the side of the Freeway highway yesterday, and decided that it is so beautiful that I wanted to share it with everyone! Wish every state did this! What a great idea! :) I took a TON of pictures, so I will share more here and there, but for now, here are a couple!

I *love* the poppies! They are gorgeous when passing or photographing! haha!
*fun* with Photoshop. :)

Have a good day *mates* :)


  1. I pray you get this message. When I saw the pictures of the beautiful flowers you took, my heart got happy! You are talented my dear, and I am so very proud of you. The girls are so sweet and you are such a great Mom! Keep up the great work ~ I am truly proud of you. Much love, Aunt Lisa

  2. I love the finding new body parts stage. The girls are so sweet! Hope you have a great Mothers Day you sooooo deserve it! My Dylan is going to be in the Special Olympics on Friday. We are so excited for him. Anyway just sending you a Mothers Day hug!

  3. Oh, Krissy! That is SO great!!! Miss you guys! The special Olympics? How cool! GO DYLAN! :) Thanks for the Mother’s Day hug! *sending one back to you*. haha.

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