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Arizona Real Estate & Day 33


So, we went around looking at some of the *amazing* houses here in Scottsdale. WOW! We found one we want to buy……

ha ha. That is if we had 5 Million Dollars!! LOL. This house is AMAZING, though!

We went to Mike’s clients house yesterday, and Angelina played with his daughter’s. The cutie on the left is Justice (or Justie/Justy) and the cutie on the right is Athena. And, of course the beauty in in the middle is MINE! :) This is her Day 32 picture. Angelina had a *blast* with Justice and Athena! We are going back tomorrow to play as well.

The below picture is of Jojo and Zoe. Jojo is Anthony’s (Mike’s Client) girlfriend. She is *so* wonderful! She and I have *really* hit it off big time! She *loves* my kids and wants to be with them all the time. :) Everyone is amazed how fantastic Zoe is! :) It’s pretty funny to hear others say it, because she really is so low key, and super easy to take care of! Not to mention she is happy 99.9% of the time, and, that is *no* joke! She is the easiest baby I have ever known! :) Oh, and a *big* shout out to Jojo! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

And, here is another cactus!! :)

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