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Day 34 through 37 & *Blog Break*


Hey Everyone! It’s been a while since my last post. Ooops. Been busy! But, I am giving a little update today. :) Then I will be taking another break from blogging. There is a lot going on here, not to mention… I still have 7 more scrapbook pages to finish in about 4 days! YIKES! Need to get busy! Today we went to In-N-Out for lunch!!!! I haven’t been there in 2 years! Oh how I have forgotten how delish their burgers are!! Yum yum!! Yesterday we went to a store called *Cupcakes* and got the most {amazing} cupcakes there!! Take a look…

They are sickeningly sweet, but Angelina *loves* them!! :) Speaking of Angelina. Yesterday she and I got pedicures!! Yay! Much needed on my part. ;) She had the most fun! She felt very special being able to get a *pedi* with mama! Here are her 34-37 pics!

Zoe has been like a dream since we have been here in Arizona! Still sleeping totally through the night and taking great naps, even though she is not in her crib. She is in a pack n play. :) She will seriously sleep *well* anywhere!! It is VERY nice! Her Day 34 picture is above… with her big sis. :) Oh, and Zoe is really becoming mobile! She is starting to crawl forward more and more. And, she is sitting up better and better every day! :)

This Anthony and Jojo. :) I know I keep mentioning their names, so I figured I would post them on *the* blog. :) Aren’t they cute? They are very nice people. We like them a lot!
Oh, and keeping with the theme, here are MORE cactus!! :) I took these the other day.

Off to scrapbook!!! :)


  1. That cupcake looks amazing! I love your cactus pictures. :)

  2. i can’t wait to get pedicures with Mags one day! Sounds like you and the girls do fun things together.

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