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{EIGHT} months old *yesterday*


Dear Zoe.

Eight months old already?! Wow! I can not believe it! You are growing up too fast! You amaze me daily with the new skills you are learning and perfecting. :)
To this date, you are continuing to sleep through the night. *happy* about this. :) Sometimes you even sleep until 10am or so too, which is amazing! It’s funny to watch you laying on the floor because you’ll start off laying on your back watching the ceiling fan, and when you get bored of that, you roll on your belly, and then on your back and then on your belly, and so on and so on… I will walk away for 2 minutes and come back, and you will have rolled completely across the room. It is quite funny!! You are “talking” a lot too, which is *so* cute! You actually giggle really wildly when you are being tickled, which of course, makes everyone around you laugh hysterically! You have been sitting on your own for 5-10 minutes at a time, which is quite awesome! Zoe, you are even pushing yourself up off the ground in a crawling motion, which is *incredible*!! You continue to love every baby food I have given you, which reassures me that you will like everything, like your sissy does. Here are the list of baby foods you have eaten…
Bananas, Peas, Green Beans, Mango, Blueberry Apple, Peach Banana Granola, Strawberry Apple, Pears, Apple Sauce, Sweet Potatoes, Turkey, Chicken, Beef, Beef & Vegetable, Macaroni and Cheese, Chicken Noodle, Blueberry Banana, and I am sure there is more, but I can not recall any. :) Oh, you have eaten Rice Cereal and Oatmeal too (you love both of them) and you love the Gerber juices. You are also holding your bottle by yourself a lot lately, which is my favorite part of you growing up, because that means mommy will have a little more time to do the dishes or whatever I need to get done. It also means you are growing up, but let’s face it, that part is inevitable, so I might as well embrace it, right? Something new this month… you have been quite “grabby” lately. :) You try and grab *everything* within reach. It is really cool, because it shows that you are being more and more interested in everything around you. Looks like we are going to have to get you some touch and feel books like your sister used to have! Speaking of sister, your love for her continues to grow all the time. It is absolutely adorable to see you track her every move, and smile at anything she says. If you hear her voice, you won’t stop looking around until you see her. You love to grab her and sometimes that includes pulling her hair, which she doesn’t like so much, but, you don’t know any better. :) You can’t go a day without holding your feet, sucking your thumb, smiling and giggling! It’s very adorable! You have spoiled your Mama BIG time!! You rarely ever cry! Which amazes me, since your sister (when she was a baby), and most other babies I know cry quite a bit… whether they want food, diaper change, are tired, etc. or because they are colicky. Thank you GOD for such an amazing baby! :)
Tomorrow you are going on your *first* plane ride to Arizona!! How awesome! Then we are going to California at the end of July and to Arkansas in September. You are soon going to be my “world traveler”. :)

Seeing you with your daddy is incredible! You have definitely formed a bond with him. Not quite as strong as the one you and have, but it’s still quite a strong bond anyway. :) Daddy has fallen in love with you Zoe! Everyday I see the love he has for you grow bigger and stronger! Daddy loves being with you and your sister. I must say that the Lord blessed us with this amazing man! He is very involved in yours and sissy’s life, and I love that about him! He hates being away from us, but we all know and understand he does all he does for us. And, we love him tremendously for it!! I love seeing you and your sister crawling all over him everyday. It’s adorable! Thank you babe for being sweet today, and for being such a wonderful family man!! You ROCK!
You are *one* reason I love being a Mother! I don’t ever want to imagine life without such an amazing little baby! :) You complete our family! We all love you very much!



  1. Adorable little sweetheart!

  2. I imagine the walls of your house being covered with picture frames filled with all of these wonderful shots. I hope you print some of these because they are amazing. Zoe is so precious. I so wish I could meet her!

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