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{Welcome} Home *Babe*!


Well, Mike got home this morning. :) We picked him up from the airport. So, now, all is well in the Benner household! Angelina was more than *thrilled* to see her daddy, and be able to actually hug his neck! For the majority of the day, she has reminded Mike that she has missed him, which is all too cute, in my opinion. This trip was way too long, but fortunately it went by ::fast:: and hopefully another 2 week trip is never in our near future… unless we are all going, of course!! :)
I seriously can not believe that Father’s Day is tomorrow! Pretty
amazing how fast time goes!! This year is Mike’s first Father’s Day with 2 kids. :) What a great one it will be! My parents are coming over tomorrow afternoon to spend the day… which leaves me to comment… I still don’t know what in the world to get my dad!!! I mean, what do you get someone who has just about *everything*? Any ideas?

Well, here are day TWENTY SIX pictures! Man, I can’t believe it’s already day 26! Incredible. Off to finish a scrapbook page while Mike and Angelina are playing, and then after she goes to bed, Mike and I are going to watch a movie and just chill out & we are going to enjoy time together, because it feels like FOREVER since I have seen him. LOL. :)

Night! ;)

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