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Here is a different approach to featuring my daily photos. :) If you have a flickr account, you can go to Big Huge Labs, and make some really fun stuff! :)
Today has been pretty low key. That’s just our life, I guess. :) Mellow, and scheduled. ha ha. We go crazy on the weekends, though!!! ha ha ha!
I forgot to mention something that happened the other day while I sat in first class by myself. I emphasize *first class by myself* because I am the only one who witnesses this happen… I am sitting in my seat and happened to take a break from reading my book (this is before we take off). I look out the window, and watch the people loading up the plane. As the man pulls the conveyer belt “car” away, I notice my stroller that hasn’t been loaded… instead, it was set aside, and then the guy RAN IT OVER!!!! I am yelling in first class (where all the rich people and frequent flyers sit… LOL). “MY STROLLER MY STROLLER!!! YOU JUST RAN OVER MY STROLLER!! WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING???? HELLO HELLO!?” ha ha. Like the guy could hear me! And everyone in first class was just staring at me like I was mentally ill. ha ha! I laugh now. But, I was SOOOO MAD!! Mike had no idea! He was sitting in coach blissfully unaware of the terrible thing that I just witnessed! Fortunately Continental ROCKS, and they are reimbursing our money no haggling no nothing! Just, “We are so sorry about this Mr. and Mrs. Benner!” :) Seriously love that airline, even though they RAN OVER MY STROLLER! ;o)

Anyway… how was your day?

Well, must go! Getting ready to watch a movie with Mike… Yes, we watch A LOT of movies! :) We got Blockbuster Total Access (like Netflix, but WAY BETTER). We got it a couple of months ago, so needless to say, we watch lots of movies.

More tomorrow.


  1. That’s sooo funny, I laughed out loud for real just imagining you in first class yelling out the window! Coninental is great, m dad flies almost weekly and it’s all he uses!

  2. i was totally laughing out loud; could picture the whole thing. glad the airline was so good to you! ah, netflicks. I’m a sucker for loyalty so i stay on. my day is good; had a barbeque with my mom’s group tonight–made homemade mac and cheese and homemade strawberry shortcake. yum! aron is on a plane as i type and will be home from dallas around midnight tonight. sigh. i have missed him!

  3. LOL. My parents were Netflix customers practically since Netflix started… they just switched to Blockbuster Total Access, and my mom says, and I quote… “So glad we switched!! SOOOOO much better than Netflix!!! Won’t be goin back.” ;) I get the loyalty thing, though. Although, if I find a better deal, or a better thing in general, I usually will ditch the loyalty to a company for something better. ha ha.
    I bet you have missed Aron. :) Unfortunately I know all too well how you feel.

  4. I would have been mad about the stroller too! That’s great they reimbursed you no questions asked, though. :)

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