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So, today is a good day. :) Nothing crazy has happened, it’s just a good day. :) Mike took Angelina to school. I went to the gym with Zoe and worked out. (lost 1.5 pounds…yay). Came home, put her down for a nap, showered, ate lunch, and right now I am blogging, and watching a movie called Premonition. This movie is turning out to be *very* good. So good in fact that it is taking me too long to write this entry. LOL. Good thing I can type without looking at the keyboard. :)
Last night Mike and I watched the movie 300. Outstanding!! Mike immediately went to Best Buy yesterday, and bought it in Hi Definition. Must see this movie! :)

Oh, and A Thousand Splendid Suns… turning out to be a great book!! Khaled Hosseini is a great writer! If you have read *The Kite Runner* then definitely read this one too! :)

So, check out Zoe’s new Jumparoo!! She got it yesterday, and she *loves* it! She was a little tired the second time I put her in it… hense the thumb in her mouth. It’s really great seeing her in it, though! She gets so excited everytime she pushes off the ground herself. I would assume she is proud of herself. LOL.

Acting silly on the plane.

Angelina & Sam on *Small World* at Disneyland

OK, off to finish watching this movie!! More later!

EDITED: See the movie Premonition!! Just finished watching it… it’s awesome!!!

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  1. Love the jumperoo, we have the older version, not as cute but so practical! I keep mine outside and it keeps Eli contained while Miles rides his bike! Gives him some exercize too! Good job on your weight loss, it will come of quickly I think!

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