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Whew! What a weekend!!


We had a busy, but *great* weekend!!

Saturday morning we all woke up and went to the North Carolina State Farmer’s Market. *Love* that place!! We bought a lot of fruits, veggies, and the best homemade baguette! Yummm! I brought my camera along to the Farmer’s Market, and took some pictures of the great produce! The fruits and veggies (and bread) look fantastic and taste even better!! It’s always a team effort picking everthing out… And this is the reason I hate cooking, don’t usually have to cook, and why my wonderful husband cooks 95% of our meals….

Brushetta Caprese

Chicken Caprese Salad

Baked Spinach & Cheese Ravioli

You see? See why my husband cooks? I cook *average* homemaker meals, but he makes GOURMET! I choose gourmet please! :) My husband is a fabulous cook, and really should consider opening a restaurant someday! :) I am a good baker, so, honey… when you open this alleged restaurant someday, I will make all the desserts. :) LOL. So, the above… that was our dinner last night. :) Yum. Made so lovingly by my handsome hubby!

To see more of my pictures, click here.

Anyway. After the farmer’s market, we went hiking a little bit (pictures I took while hiking are below)…

ROBIN… you asked me to photograph a leaf for you… does this work? …

and then we took Angelina to the mall, and… she got her EARS PIERCED!!! Pictures coming soon! She was *so* brave!! Immediately following that, Angelina and Zoe spent the night at grandma and papa’s house (my parents). Mike and I had a date night. I absolutely *love* date night!! We went to a place called Five Guys Burgers & Fries… best burgers EVER!!! Better than In N Out hands down! Then we went to R.E.I. to get a hiking backpack for Mike to carry Zoe in. Went to Starbucks, came back home, and relaxed. :) It was nice.

Sunday, I slept in while Mike mowed the front and side yard.
The back will be finished when this 100 degree and 90% humidity weather goes away! :) Living in NC, it can be hard to get the yard mowed in under 2-3 hours. And that is ONLY mowing. :) I got up and watered some plants, and ended up spending the majority of the day outside while Angelina played with some friends on the slip n slide, and wading pool. It was was TOO hot!! But, I ran through the sprinklers on occasion with Angelina to cool off. ha ha! Zoe napped most of the afternoon. Then Mike made that amazing dinner, we gave the girls baths, they went to bed, and we chilled out! :)

And… this is why I can’t stand Japanese Beetles!! Look what they did to my hibiscus’ leaves!

Friday Zoe decided to add to the list of things that she can do… she can now go from the crawling position straight to the sitting position! BIG milestone! :) I was a very shocked and proud mama! :) You go Zoe. Mike keeps swearing that she said *Dada* this morning, but I am not so sure. ha ha! We’ll see if she says it again. Zoe’s 2 teeth are coming in like crazy! She shoved my finger in her mouth earlier, bit down, and for the first time I yelled “YOW!” She looked at me with a perplexed look, and laughed. ha ha.

Here are some pictures of my girlies from the weekend. :)


Zoe looking a lot like Mike in the below picture…

And, this is only half the bags from the Farmer’s Market! :)

Just after eating her breakfast this morning. She had Beech Nut’s “Good Morning: Country Breakfast”. And, of course… loved it!

Buying mommy flowers at the farmer’s market

Looking adorable… as usual!


A blanket in AUGUST!?!


  1. It looks great! Think it would look good framed vertically (picture)? That is a sweet camera you have!

  2. newsy! first, mike’s dinner looks freakin’ amazing! send some our way. and how fun that you can visit the farmer’s market and get all that fresh goodness…yummers. hooray for date nights and free babysitting to boot. but, come on, a better burger than In N Out? I cannot believe it. :)

  3. very very nice photos!
    Wow, :)

  4. Shealynn, your photos are beautiful, truly beautiful! How do you get the lighting and the framing just right?!

    It’s wonderful to see the girls growing up. I hear from Grandma and Grandpa that they’re both adorable.

  5. Wow!!! Its amazing how you can make mowing the lawn or a bug eaten leaf beautiful. Thanks for including me in your email. Your photography is amazing!!!

    Crystal(Logans Mom)

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