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Fall? Fall? Are you there?


Dear Fall,

Where are you? You teased me with your presence, but left once again. I though you were supposed to give us some relief. There is none here. It feels as though it might still be summer time, yet, it’s October. Almost November I might add! I am not happy about this, ya know. Fall, I NEED you. Can you PLEASE come back? Please? I don’t want Summer anymore… well, at least consider coming back, because if you do, I might just be the happiest Arizonian ever!

Thanks Fall,

Shealynn Benner


Ahhhh! Just HAD to get that off my chest. I sure hope Fall listens, because I am dying here! One can only take so much 90 degree days when it SHOULD be [in my mind anyway] 65 degrees!!! I don’t miss North Carolina much, but right now… I totally do! I know Fall has been there, and has stayed. Not here.

I know the quality of that is terrible… that’s what I get for using my computer to take it. But, you get the point I am trying to make.


I am so upset about the heat that I am currently wishing I lived in Alaska or something. LOL. Maybe not … but, Seattle wouldn’t be so bad, right? I am dreaming of sweatshirts, HOT Chai Tea, socks, scarfs, and any cold weather gear. But, doesn’t look like I will get my way anytime soon… [at least not soon enough for me]. Pray for me! LOL.

How are you???? Leave me a comment already! I am seriously in need of some sort of mood booster, and comments always do just the trick. ;)




  1. its raining here and 52. Does this comment make you feel better or worse? I hope fall comes soon for you. It’s my favorite too.

  2. it is really cold here – and we don’t have any heat… send us some of your hot weather!

  3. I hear ya! It’s in the high 60s this am here in San Diego but this week it’s supposed to get up into the 80s again — NO! I’d take 70s as “fall” even…

  4. Sorry it’s so hot!

    Love all the bday party pics!

  5. It’s a windy 52 here in Utah. You can pop on over if you want! Does it ever cool off in Arizona?, I thought I remembered someone saying Flagstaff gets cool with even some snow, if that’s the case maybe you need a trip up there (down there maybe, I don’t know where it is). Hang in there girl, maybe 90 degrees is Fall weather there since summers are 120 degrees!

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