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How about some Opinions?!


Browsing in blog land today through Google Reader… noticed that a friend of mine is doing a giveaway for my competition. My initial response was WHAT?! I was kinda irked. But, I am over it now… One thing seeing that did do was make me want to add more to my shop. I have some things up my sleeves! :) Mike [my husband] and I have been throwing around some ideas for my shop for a couple of months now… I don’t know if I should reveal what I am going to do… BUT! I want your opinion! Yes, that means leaving the google reader window in order to do so, but , you’re OK with that, right? ;) ha ha.

Here is what I am mainly wanting to know:

What are your favorite fabrics? This one is what I REALLY want to know. I like to know what’s HOT! ;) ha ha.

What would YOU like to see in my shop in 2009?

So, come on down and comment. ;) Tell your friends too! The more answers, the better! Can we get 20 comments? More? Let’s see!!!! Pass my blog address around to your friends, and see what they have to say!

Oh, and remember… a giveaway is going on RIGHT NOW!! Go enter that too while you’re at it. ;)


  1. Hey, hey…! I just came across your blog and LOVE this camera strap idea! SO cleaver and unique. Def give you 2 thumbs up, girl! Way to step out of the box. I run a vinyl biz and I know that the hardest thing is finding a way to be one of a kind… and you have really done it! props!!
    Okay, I LOVE all of your fabric and am having a SUPER hard time trying to figure out which one to purchase. I have 2 sister in laws and we ALL got the same Cannon Rebel for Christmas last year. We have 8 kids between the three of us (all under the age of 3) I know, it’s insane, and YES we have twins… but besides that we ALWAYS are taking pics. And every time something remotely cute happens with our kiddies, we all run for our cameras and have to stop and flip them on and figure out who’s is who’s. Totally annoying! These straps would be an AMAZINGLY great fix!! Any who… I just wanted to give you some ideas of what I like. I tend to be pretty sassy when it comes to jewelry and bags, so the louder the better (in a tasteful way) It’s great to be able to dress up a cute classic outfit with some sassy prints…
    SO I am really into this new wallet my hubby got me at the Buckle… its a giraffe print!! And I always get compliments on it! So I KNOW people are into that kind of stuff. Also I’m all about the Pink and Black as well! (Ya, I have 3 little girls, so pink is inevitable! lol) Anyway, just a thought.
    I am WAY in love with the Cha Cha Carnival and the Classic Black and White, straps!! Whew, can’t EVEN start to decide!
    K, well I love this idea!!
    Thanks for sharing your creativeness with all of us! Looove it!
    Shelley Smith

  2. Ok, so I don’t feel like my opinion really counts because I don’t have a fancy camera to add a FABULOUS strap cover to…but maybe it can since I ordered one as a gift :) Anyway I LOVE all the Amy Butler fabric, it is timeless to me. I’m anxious to see what you have up your sleeve…maybe a scarf??? Can you see I’m pulling for the scarves?? lol :)

  3. i read your blog alot and figured i would finally say something :). what about branching out from camera covers? I loved that quilt with the pictures you made why not doing that? I would def buy that! and scarfs are awesome too. I’ve looked all around etsy for a scarf they’re just too expensive. I love all the damasik fabrics they’re so warm and vibrant! i also really like the personalization also! Why not try to make camera bags that you swing across your shoulder? something that relates? I hope this helps! I look forward to seeing your new things in 2009. btw I have ordered a camera cover from you and love it! :)

  4. Hi there! Just found you through today’s creative blog and love these straps!!! I like the darker colors- think they will look sharp with a black camera (like I have) and then might not show as much if they get dirty. Will be checking back to see your new fabrics soon….

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