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OK, my OCD took over! Had to retype this post so that it was mostly all the same sized font… I hope it works, or else…

Again, sorry if you are getting this yet again in Google Reader or Bloglines! Speaking of Google Reader … I LOVE it! I just started using it a week ago. It’s the best way to keep track of all the blogs I follow… and I still comment by clicking on the title of the posts! So easy. ;) If you want to follow my RSS feed, look in my sidebar… it’s easy! Or, you can just type in my blog address in Google Reader and follow me.


WOW!! Today is the last day of 2008! I can’t believe it. [how did that happen so darn fast?]

I have been doing some thinking of things I want to do, and therefore thought it fitting to do a list if it all. A resolution list of sorts, I suppose. More like goals I’d like to meet in 2009. So, here goes… [this list will likely get added to and of course there WILL be the whole, “I did this” and then it will get crossed off.]

. Learn to knit some socks.
.Add new products to my shop. [more on that later]
.Learn to spin my own yarn.
.Learn to dye raw yarn.
.Read more. [well on my way!]
.Spend more time playing.
.Spend more time relaxing.
.Spend more girl time with Jenn and other girlfriends.
.Make a point to have 1-2 date nights a month with my husband.
.Take Angelina and Zoe out separately & together on the occassional “date” time with Mommy.
.Get my photography website up and running.
.Officially start my photography biz.

OK, I think that’s good for now… there will be more, and there will be lots of crossing off! ;) Can’t wait to get started in this list! 2009 is going to be great… I think/hope …….. I will keep all of my pessimistic presidential comments to myself. LOL.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions/goals for 2009? Tell Me! Tell Me! Tell Me!!!



P.S. Have a Happy and Safe New Year’s Eve!!!!


  1. Great resolutions!

    hmmm….I haven’t really had a chance to think about mine. I guess I better get on that ASAP, huh? lol


  2. Resolutions:

    1. Launch Business Plan A
    2. Launch Business Plan B
    3. Take A Vacation

  3. I’ve resolved to learn something new each month. This month, I want to sew something. I have a Bernina collecting dust upstairs, and the only things I’ve sewn on it are pillow covers. Yawn! So, I want to learn to sew for real. I’d like to do some fancy guest towels, an apron and a craft kit/chalkboard roll.

    Not too lofty for the month of January! Plus, I have lots of projects on the sticks that need to be finished.

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