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Need To Know – From My Shop


Hey everyone!! Hope you are ALL entering in the giveaways below!!! Remember, if you don’t want it, surely you know someone who would love a gift! ;) Click HERE to enter. Or just scroll down.

Anyway. I needed to write a few notes on here regarding my shop…

1. If you are wanting to order for Valentine’s Day, ALL orders MUST be in NO later than Monday, February 2nd!!! [can you believe it’s going to be February? Ugh! That means summer is getting closer… Arizona summers are bad bad bad!]. Moving on… ;)

2. My family and I will be going on vacation at the beginning of March for a few days… my shop will NOT close, and I WILL still be taking orders, and answering emails/convos, but the turnaround time for making and shipping will start when I return… dates to be announced in my shop soon, but I am giving you, my “devoted” readers the first look at what’s to come… date wise.

Leave me a comment with any questions, or order now if you feel the need. Or leave a comment and order now. LOL! ;) Can you tell that I like comments? I love hearing from each and every one of you! Makes my day that much happier!! Click HERE to go to my shop.

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P.S. I will be back later on tonight [possibly tomorrow morning] to share more 2 year old tap and ballet with you all. ;)

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