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Proof of Stolen Photographs


So, I was checking out who my new followers were. Because I like to visit you too! :) In doing so, I found a VERY disturbing blog… SO freaky… almost like in those movies where a girl walks into a guys house and sees pictures of herself posted all over a wall… know what I am talking about? OK, good. So, here is the blog address:

Feel free to check it out… tell me if it’s as freaky to you as it is to me… mind you – ALL of those pictures, but one, are of MY children!!! This is putting me in a tough spot, because I feel as though I should not post anymore pictures of my children on this blog. That, or I will have to make a watermark that is very large and very noticeable.

This stuff really pisses me off, and creeps me out all at the same time. And she had the NERVE to actually follow me? I mentioned a month or so ago that my pictures were being stolen on occasion, but I haven’t found them, my Brazilian Flickr friend did… and every time I see someone from Brazil visit my blog I cringe… sorry to offend, but that’s always who is stealing them.

What to do, what to Do?!



P.S. Winner to be announced in a couple hours. ;)


  1. Also, my Flickr friend has found them, and in turn, I use Google translator to send them messages to REMOVE the photographs or I WILL contact the FBI. Usually this takes care of it, but it’s obviously still happening, and in a more aggressive blunt manner.

  2. I totally feel you about the stolen photos… It actually caused me to kinda give up even doing anymore photography, let alone sharing it.

    Since you’re both on Blogger, you can “flag” their blog to have it removed.

    Good luck!

  3. Oh my gosh – I found this very disturbing! Can you tell what it says? I don’t get why they would put your children on their blog – weird!! I’m with Meg – I would flag that blog.

  4. Hey again! I just Flagged this blog!! Join me in flagging, would you? ;)


  5. That is… I don’t know. Scary. Freaky. Sick.

  6. Oh my goodness! This is really freaky…what would compel someone to do this?

  7. I just used Google Translator on this site…and what in the world does this person mean by “my Angelina..” This is beyond creepville!

  8. Shealynn – did you see this info. about filing a copyright complaint…I’m sure you did, but here’s the link for anyone that would like to look into it:

  9. Oh my gosh, that is so creepy! I also tried to translate using google translator, but didnt understand what it said. It really is very disturbing. I would not like my kids pictures on another blog. I feel so bad for you.

  10. What the ???? I can not even understand why someone would do is CREEPY and sort of sickening!
    I can’t blame you for not wanting to post pictures anymore! I would feel the same.
    I hope you get it all taken care of!

  11. What a shame. It angers me that people like that ruin it for people like me who tune into your blog for the beautiful pictures and photography inspiration you give. I have had the same problem. It scares me. Perhaps the answer is to make blogs private, but if your blog were private, I never would have stumbled upon it and wouldn’t be able to enjoy it as I do. What a shame.

  12. That is such a bummer! But I did just try and look at it and the blog has been removed! Seriously, who does that? How weird!

  13. That’s awful!! Now I am going to wonder every time I post pictures! I just tried to check the blog but it seems they removed it, thank god!!!

  14. I totally agree, this is beyond creepy. I am glad that it has been removed, hopefully by blogger and it would be nice if they do something more about it. How did you find this blog? I have to say that it kinda freaks me out for all of our blogs and pictures, especially of our children.


  16. That is VERY creepy! I am glad you got it resolved!

  17. i couldn’t see it either, but i agree, totally creepy and totally inappropriate! sheesh.

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