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A New Project



Since I won’t bring myself to pay the astronomical prices at Anthropologie, I decided that I could do the anthropologie style myself… at least for the most part. I LOVE that store! It is SO incredibly inspiring, but paying $300 for a lampshade or $100 for a hand embroidered piece of artwork is just crazy! So, why not do it myself if I can? :) That brings me to my new – hobby…


Yep… hand embroidery. This is going to be framed and put in Angelina’s room. It will have 6 birds on it when finished. :) I have a lampshade in Zoe’s room that I want to embroider owls and such on. I will share when I get to that. ;)

I go into Anthro just to get inspiration for my girl’s rooms. They have super awesome stuff in there… don’t you agree? :D

Also, I wanted to let those of you that have won a camera strap slip cover in a giveaway…. I am REALLY sorry! I have not shipped any winnings out yet!! I hope you forgive me! They will ALL go out before I leave for vacation next Friday [March 6th] – I PROMISE!!!! Please don’t hate me. :(

I leave you with this hilarious picture…






  1. here is a little help with your inspiration. I thought it was funny that you mentioned this today. Last night I came across this blog.

  2. Very cute embroidery! :D

  3. Love the embroidery!! Beautiful!! Can’t wait to see the finished product!! And that pic of your husband is hilarious!!

  4. You are SO talented….

    LOVE that picture!

  5. Now that pic is just too cute!

  6. I have a question.. how did you create your current reading list and include the pictures of the books as well as the future books? I would like to do the same with my blog but can’t find the right gadget to do it. Thanks for you help. I love your blog! And the picture of your husband made me smile! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Like the hand emboidery but the embroidery machines are great. You could complete the entire pix in one setting and move on to next project.

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