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Hey all! Well… I am in need of a little help. Not sure if help is the right word… inspiration maybe?

I am currently moving my sewing studio/sweat shop into our garage. [yes! I am definitely getting an A/C for in there… a must when living in Arizona] – anyway. This doesn’t mean that I am going to deck out the garage to the coolest place on earth… though I have thought about it. ;) But we are living here temporarily, so I am thinking more in the future. I would love to have you share some inspiration with me! Can you all send me some pictures of things you’ve seen that pertain to someone’s creative studio? I would love to see anything you got, so please link me! :D Something along these lines…


And… just to add a little bonus for all that send me a little inspiration… add 1 point to your entry in tomorrow’s giveaway!!! ;) Knew you’d like that.

Thanks so much! Look forward to seeing what you all send me! I think I will share my favorites on Friday!




  1. Hey there! Be sure to stop by before 9PM PST tonight to enter my current giveaway for a free Timid Monster. If you’ve already entered this giveaway, come back tomorrow to enter my next one! :)

  2. Wow…!! Beautiful scrapspaces!!

    Mine’s a mess right now (and I mean a REAL mess) so I won’t show you all of it – but I WILL show you most of it- this is a first for me. *smiles*
    Here are my bookshelves with my scrapdesk mounted “inside one”. (I keep my papersize boxes under them – perfect space.)
    You’ll also see my paper-waggon from IKEA that I LOOOOOVE. Messy side up front of course (keepin’ it real! *grins*) because that’s where I keep my scraps.
    (…and yes, I tend to put my stamp paper pads on the bottom of it – that’s what’s sticking out in th efirst image of it…)

    Boxes and magazine holders for almost everything. Love them. IKEA rocks. The plastic snap-lid-boxes are also some of my faves as you can see. They were about a dollar each. Combine with jars and straw baskets from the flee market or whatever and two old desks and equally old shelves: my very cheap, highly loved scrap space/office.

  3. here, she just posted this yesterday! inspiring the crap out of me right now :) simple, bright, and cheery

  4. Check out the forum at There is a thread there on just this subject with some great inspiration as far as studios, craft rooms, etc. I was blown away by what some of the lucky owners have.

  5. I’ve been updating and tweaking my workspace over the years here it is as of right now…

    and Heather Bailey has a dreamy workspace!

  6. I am in the process of redoing my studio as well. I have a huge wall above my sewing table and I couldn’t decide what to do with it. So I went to this site and had a custom vinyl wall lettering made with my company name. Easy and inexpensive! I LOVE IT!

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