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Lots Going On!!


I know! I have been away! I am SOOOOOOOO busy!!!! So, I just thought that I would drop in for a bit. :) Lots of updates…

Zoe is now in a toddler bed…



She is doing FANTASTIC!! The transition went very smoothly, and she actually stays in it. :) The day Mike put it together she kept running in her room and laying on it. Then yelling, “I’m going to bed, K?” It was so hilarious! She is also now wearing pull-ups. I figured why not do it all at once? :) She hasn’t gone in the potty yet, but I am not forcing it. She will go when she is ready. That is what Angelina did. I don’t believe forcing them to use the potty is the answer.

Sunday I finally appliqued a shirt for Zoe. I have been meaning to do this for a long time now. I just did I simple heart, but it’s really cute…



She loves it. She was pointing at it every couple of minutes saying, “heart!!”

Zoe has had this obsession lately with stickers. And not just sticking them on paper, but sticking them on daddy…


She is a crack up!

Today, Zoe started preschool/daycare. She is going 2 times a week, which is so nice for me. I am buried up to my eyeballs with orders, so this helps me out a lot! I dropped her off this morning, and stayed with her for a bit. She would play, and then run to me, arms up wanting to hold her and tell her it was OK. Then she would get down and run and play… and run back to me. ha ha! I stayed for 30 minutes so she could get adjusted, and then I left. The woman watching her/the teacher called me and assured me that she was doing just fine, and didn’t cry one tear when I left. I was comforted by this. This will help her grow a little independent of me, which I think she needs. Not to mention, this will give me a chance to get a lot done. :D


I promised to show the fabric that I purchased… so, here it is… the top 3 are new.


New minky!! It’s curly minky. I love it!! Super soft and fluffy. :)


I will be adding these new fabrics to my shop soon… if you’d like to order them now, just email me and I will set up a listing for you.

And… I went. Yes… I went to the midnight Twilight DVD release at Borders last Friday…


Got lots of goodies. ;)

The front seat of my car looked like this last night… 30 packages off to their homes! Woo!


Well… I need to work on filling up my front seat with orders again. :)

Are you doing OK?




  1. Oh my goodness your daughter is an absolute doll! I love the heart shirt. I’ve been meaning to try this for several months now – just haven’t gotten around to it.

    We have been thinking about daycare twice a week too for socialization. I know she would love it. I can’t imagine the amount of work I could get done!

  2. I have to tell you that your daughter is precious!! I know that you already know this but I had to confirm it for you–LOL Great photography and insight into your world/life.

    I can’t wait until my order arrives! Even though it’s not for me I know my BFF will LOVE it.

  3. The fabric is fantastic. Your daughter is absolutely darling. And I totally agree with you on the potty training thing.

  4. I love your pictures….always such a delight to come by here!

    And it looks like business is doing GREAT! Good for you!

  5. Love the shot of the packages…the sweet sight of success.

  6. I love the heart shirt! It is just too cute! You should sell those as well as the straps… when you aren’t so busy right? (wink, wink). It’s awesome that your business is doing so well, good job!

  7. I’ve always loved that question. A simple yes or no that I can answer honestly.

    We’re doing great. :-) LOVE the new bed and the heart shirt!

  8. You sure do sound busy!! And it so true what the teacher told you about Zoe’s crying. I teach PreK, and really – they only cry (it seems) to “put on a show” for mommy, then in a matter of minutes, the crying stops since they’re distracted by all the fun and the other kids :)

    Also – EVERYONE! I’ve got a giveaway on my blog from The Vintage Pearl, the winner gets to pick whichever custom necklace she wants! :)

  9. Wowy, shey! Looks like you are very sucessful with your stap covers. How wonderful! You are so stinkin’ creative! Your little Zoe is growing up so big…a big girl bed and everything! The stickers on the leg is so funny; hopefully they were not too painful to remove! :)

  10. Love the new fabrics, especially the brown damask and the brown and blue one!!
    p.s. Your little is a cutie and a half!!!

  11. Ah, you are doing so good sending her off to pre-school. It’s also good you are starting her at a time when you are busy. No time for mommy to think about it, she;s got things to do! Those photos are sooo cute. Love the new fabrics.

  12. Ok, knew I liked ya…but seeing all the Twilight swag and knowing you went to an actual DVD release party……you are A+ in my book!!! :-)

    And the pics of Zoe are adorable!!

  13. Ok, question: the little “follow me on twitter” button, blue w/ the bird……

    where can I get one of those??? It is SOOO cute!

  14. She’s so beautiful!

    I too went to the Twilight release party at Borders.. LOVE me some EC!!

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