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OK, so… aside from being insanely busy sewing, I have also been reading! I have read 6 books in the last week and a half!! :D Yes… I am a PROUD bookworm. This has only been recently since my friend Jenn is also a self proclaimed proud bookworm as well. She turned me onto reading more. Which I can’t figure out why I waited so long? And, let’s face it… the excuse of not having time… nope. I don’t use that excuse. I look forward to curling up on the couch, and getting lost in another world. I find it rather fantastic to visualize what the characters look like, and what the world around them looks like. When I want to relax, I grab a book and get lost.

These books are 100% recommended by me. In other words… drop what you are doing right now, and go to Borders or Barnes and Noble to get them. Yes. They are THAT good.

First up… a series. Which, I must say I loved MORE than Twilight!

The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare.
City of Bones
City of Ashes
City of Glass” [this one was JUST released on Tuesday of this week- I finished it today]

They are SOOOOO good!!!! Ahhh! I broke my rule and bought the 3rd book. I don’t own the first 2. I borrowed them from Jenn, but I will be buying the first 2 eventually. I would definitely read them again. They were just. that. good.

A series by Lisa McCann

These books are great too! They are only a couple hundred pages, so they are quick reads, but quite good!!! I thoroughly enjoyed them. The 3rd book will be out next year.

And last… A new series by Robin Wasserman

This book is not about skinning animals or people or anything, so don’t get the wrong idea. LOL! I did link it to Amazon [as I did with the others] so you can read what it’s about. This one actually fasinated me. The 2nd book in the series, Crashed, is due to come out this September.

I am going to go now, and read another… Evernight. I will let you know in a couple weeks how it was along with the others I will likely read. I think I will do a book recommedation post every couple of weeks so you all can get it on some good reading action as well. :) Now… stop making excuses, and GO GET THESE AND READ!!!

I would LOVE to know if you have read them or are going to read them, and let me know what you think!! :D




P.S. I do realize that I haven’t posted a giveaway this week… there will be 2 next week, so don’t fret! ;)


  1. Oh man I did not need another distraction right now but I LOOOVE to read and it appears we have VERY similar taste in literature. Doggonnit!!

  2. I only got to read 3 books this week! Although, one was 700 hundred pages. Does that count as two?

    I just might have to go and find those books that you suggested. Thanks!

    (hmmm… wonder if my hubby will understand me getting another couple of books this week.)

  3. Just saw City of Ashes seems like a interesting book sound good gonna have to go pick them up later :) thanks for the recommendation

  4. HI! im gonna give the books you suggested a read. I also have been a huge book worm of late. and have just finished evernight. I liked it, and about halfway through i got a shock! i wonder if you will to! its got nothing on the twilight saga though. I also love the sookie stackhouse novels by charlaine harris, I got the box set of 7 books sent over here to australia from america, and i think i had read them all within 2 weeks. Think i waited longer for them to arrive here :) anyway if you havent read them they are good to.

  5. Thank you for that – I was just wondering what I was gonna dig into now, after finishing the House of Night and the first three books (the one that are out, so far) of Vampire Academy!

    Now I know what to look for! :D

  6. I’m putting these books on my “want to read” list! :) Thanks.
    Oh, and if anyone wants to enter a giveaway…I’ve got 3 on my blog right now. (One ends tonight!)

  7. Thank you for the recommendations! Check out my blog: for some of mine. I received my order last week and I cannot wait to give it to my BFF. Thanks for your beautiful work.

  8. I read City of Glass on Friday. All of it. I was a TAD disappointed – I had been hoping to recommend it to a rather straight laced friend of mine, but the language and themes were just a bit much. Oh well – I enjoyed it! I’ll have to check out those other books you recommended!

  9. I have read and Twilight is a great book! I loved it.
    I have not read any, but I do not know if I will find here in Brazil. I hope so! haha.
    Sheyi kisses.

  10. i am also a proud bookworm! ;)

    happy weekend!

  11. I watched the Twilight movie last night (on Pay Per View), not bad. I haven’t read the book. My sister’s read all of the books in the series (the ones out so far, of course) and loves them! I just might have to jump on the bandwagon :)

  12. You HAVE to check out the widget! You can put your choice of a very cool looking book shelf on your blog displaying the books you’ve read!

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