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hello friends!


i am back home from north carolina. my children are with my parents for the next few weeks! i miss them sooo much already, but can’t wait to hear about all of the adventures they embark on. :) i did well up with tears on the plane. i wasn’t sobbing, of course [didn’t want to freak out the guy next to me]. ha ha! but the tears did spill over a little. :) being without them for so long will be hard, but it i think it will be fun for mike and i, and i know it will be fun for my girls. a yearly event to look forward to.

we will be very busy while they are gone. why? i am so glad you asked, because now i can tell you! we are MOVING! :D not out of state… just to a different – bigger house. i will have my own sewing studio, and our master bedroom is huge, and and and… there is a pool! in our backyard! a salt water pool with a waterfall! SO excited! we begin moving in next week, i will share pictures then, as i have non right now. lol!

well, i need to go. i am ready to just relax. i am a little tired. and, i will be working a lot while my girls are gone. my turnaround time should go down, which is fantastic.

bye for now! how are you all doing?




  1. That's a really fantastic tradition! (And congrats on the move!) I might have to talk my in laws into doing something like that – the kids need the practice with Chinese, anyhow.

    How sweet of your parents to take the kids. :-)

  2. Good Luck with the move!

  3. Yahoo how fun for the new house…ahh, to have more space, yum.

  4. Moving again?! You must be a pro at it by now, the new place sounds awesome, can't wait to see pics!

  5. Enjoy your "holiday."

    The house sounds great! What a salt water pool?

  6. So excited for you for the new house!!
    Salt water pools are great! I know you'll love it!
    I know (sort of I guess) how you feel about missing the kids. I teach preK and I seriously can't stop crying for literally a week after the last day of school. Maybe because I don't have any kids yet, but I just get SO ATTACHED to them!

  7. Yay!! Excited for you.. having time alone without your girls!! And congrats on moving! We are actually moving too.. possibly next week or two!! We also did the same, got a bigger house, not terribly far from where we are now in AZ. But lucky you.. you get to do it without 2 kids running around, unlike me!! Have fun!!
    p.s. I also FINALLY get my own little office with it's own full bathroom for my photog clients!! So I know how excited you are for your own little space!!

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