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Uptown Jane Giveaway!!!



Today The Benner Daily is hosting our first sponsor giveaway!! How fun!

I am sure you have all heard of Vanessa. Her blog, V & Co., is fabulous! Much inspiration there! Her’s is one blog that I love reading. When I see she has written a new blog post that pops up in my Google Reader, it’s one of the first ones I click on.

She and I have found out that we have lots in common. Besides our love for sewing, we also share a love of reading. The reading of Teen Fiction, that is. :) It’s so much fun to connect with people that love teen fiction as I do. We talk about books we like, books we recommend, and the different scenes in said books. Our latest book talk has been about the Vampire Academy series. I got the 4th book in the series when it was released [yesterday] and I finished it today. Waiting for her to finish it, so we can talk about it. ;) ha ha!

Anyway. Vanessa is a super sweat gal with a super huge talent. And she lives in the Cuntry ya’ll. There are cows right by her house. She has blogged about them before. Funny stuff!

OK! I will get on with it, and stop musing. ;)

Vanessa owns an Etsy shop called, V & Co. and Uptown Jane. She sells some great stuff in there! Want to know how generous she is? Dang! You’re all going to love this!! The winner gets FOUR things!! Ready for it?

Here is what’s up for grabs…

3 PDF Tutorials/Patterns!! Yes, you read that correctly. THREE of them!



Ruffle Pillows!


Fabric Bracelets!


AND!! 1 yard of some delicious Vintage Flower Fabric!!


She’s so rad! Want to know how to win this awesome giveaway??? OK, here’s how to enter… remember. You do not have to answer ALL of these questions, but the more questions you answer, the more chances you have to win! ;)

Leave a comment for each one!!
And PLEASE remember to check back here to see if you have won! If you win, you must send me an email claiming your prize.

1. Leave a comment.
2. Go visit Vanessa’s Shop. Tell me what other’s things you’re drooling over.
3. Visit Vanessa’s blog. Leave some comment love.
4. Tell me about yourself! Could be anything! I love to get to know my readers! And/Or tell me your favorite book(s)!
5. Follow her blog.
6. Blog about the giveaway.
7. Tweet about it.
8. Tell your vast network of Facebook friends.
9. Follow Me on Twitter.
(Two options: here or here.)

10. Follow my blog.
11. Grab my blog button and/or my shop button on my sidebar, over there ——>
12. Click here to win a gift certificate for one of my camera strap slipcovers! You can also learn more about [if you want] me. I was honored as their Mommy of the Month!

This giveaway ends Next Monday!!

Thank you Vanessa for sponsoring The Benner Daily! You Rock! ;)

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, we would Love to have you!
Please email for more information!
shealynn AT


  1. Cute stuff! I'd love to win.

  2. I've been reading the V & Co. blog for a few months (found her through The Lawsons Did Dallas), and would love to win some of her great stuff! Thanks!

  3. i wanna win!!!! we also have the same tast in books as well… i just started the book "marked". I feel so young reading these!!

  4. Oh man!! Would love to win this!!!

  5. 1. I love V stuff. I want to win!

  6. I follow your blog.

  7. I follow you on twitter.

  8. 2. Love the holly girly brown and blue bag. So cute!! I love all the stuff she makes!!

  9. 3. left a comment for V

  10. 5. I follow V's blog..

  11. 4. I am a military wife. That's how I got to know V. Love her to DEATH!

  12. Oh, it would be so fun to win. Just to say that I won!

  13. BTW, I love EVERYTHING V does. wait you think I'm kidding? totally not. The girl rocks.

  14. I always read V!!! I love her talents!! Ha, I am reading "teen" books, too, and I feel that there is so much good stuff out there now! Please enter me!

  15. Right…um, I have a crafty blog that I love to mess around on. (this is my comment about myself…:)

  16. I follow Vand Co.

  17. I follow you, too!

  18. I love the fabric bracelet or its tutorial and the ruffffled pillows!

  19. Got your button!!

  20. Yeah…I also left a little love on V's blog

  21. 2. I love her fabric bracelets!

  22. 4. A little about myself:
    I'm a SAHM mom of one (one year old boy) and I'm going back to school to get my master's in education.

  23. 5. I follow her blog – love it!

  24. 9. I followed you on twitter.


  25. LOVE love love those pillows!! I hope i win!!!

  26. i follow her blog!

  27. Something about me…. I JUST finished my very first handmade quilt!!!!!

  28. i love the aqua barn wood frame! (especially against those cute red polka dots).

  29. Love her blog, love her things on Etsy!

  30. Love the holly bag in brown! Sweet!

  31. Cute stuff, hope I win.

  32. I love her barn wood frame!! So cute and just as nice looking as a "designer" frame I saw online recently for over $100!

  33. This is my first time on your blog; I like to crochet and bake. And knit. Sort of. I'm learning.

  34. Re: #5 I follow her blog; that's how I saw this awesome giveaway.

  35. I now follow your blog too!

  36. I would love the patterns for those!! :) Those pillows are adorable :)

  37. I read V& Co every day. She's great.

  38. I do follow V's blog.

  39. Now I follow your blog.

  40. Vanessa is definitely in my top 5 favorite bloggers of all time, if not my absolute fave!

  41. I love everything in Vanessa's etsy shop, seriously! I've bought some of her patterns before and I'd love the ruffle pillow one. I also love her barn wood frames. In fact, I'm still kicking myself that I didn't buy a little framed embroidery that she had on there a little while ago.

  42. Love the Holly Girlie Bag in brown at V's shop.

  43. I follow Vanessa's blog too!

  44. I'm also leaving comments on Vanessa's blog, as I do a lot!

  45. I'm a mom who loves to sew, quilt, and decorate and create stuff, and hang out with my kids. I live in New England and I love the trees and the seasons! (before this I lived in Phoenix) Right now I'm house hunting which is some of the biggest stress I've ever gone through, it is ridiculously expensive here! I have four boys and finally two years ago had a daughter, which is so great- more excuses to make pretty stuff!
    Thanks for the fun giveaway, I think I left 5 comments all together!

  46. Pick me – Pick me!!!!

  47. Im a single mom of 3 and I have 2 etsy stores. Candy Stick Lane and the Jump Off

  48. I follow Vs Blog

  49. I follow your blog

  50. Tweeted

  51. posted on fb

  52. follow you on twitter

  53. nabbed your button for my blog

  54. The barn wood frames are AWESOME!

  55. commented on her blog XO

  56. Love the scissor fabric!

  57. v and co. is one of my favorite blogs ever. she is so crafty. i have been drooling over those pillows since she put them in her shop.

  58. Awesome- I love Vanessa's stuff.

  59. Wow. Another cool giveaway. You are awesome.

  60. V & CO.

    cool blog.

    Thanks for the introduction.

  61. I meant to write I commented and added her to my google reader too.

  62. Favorite book is the Sheltering Sky by Paul Bowles

    Currently reading My Life in France by Julia Child & Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris.

    How are those teen vamp books? I have only seen the Twilight movie, but I find the Indian tribe element fascinating. Is that part better explored in the books?

  63. Great giveaway! Thanks to you both!

  64. tweet tweeted. This is fun.

  65. There's nothing like a V & Co giveaway! Yay! Thanks to you both!

  66. I have commented at V's

  67. I'm a stay at home mom of 2 and totally smitten with the writings of Sophie Kinsella–mainly because I can relate to her characters–so much that it's kind of scary :)

  68. 1. I love V's blog!!! Have been reading for some time!

  69. 2. I have wanted to find out how to make her bracelets for a while, now!

  70. 3. I just let a message on her blog.

  71. my fave's in V's shop right now would have to be her pattern's! Which is great because I can't wait to win ;)

    I love love love her barnwood frames and her pillows are always so affordable and fabulous!

  72. I follow your blog

  73. I follow Vanessa's blog

  74. 4. I have come back to sewing and crafting after following blogs for some time. It's been so fun to see all the inspiration out there. Also, I've love knowing how many mammas out there are doing what I do. I just read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and highly recommend it. For youth (or you if you read like me), check out The Mysterious Benedict Society!

  75. 5. I already follow V's blog.

  76. way cool giveaway!!!

  77. {1} great giveaway.. we all love V!

  78. {2} her wood frames.. i need one.. seriously.

  79. i follow v & co & would love, love to win!

  80. {3} already left her love.. did be4 i even came here.. cause i love her that much.

  81. {4} about me.. um my blog does this best.. i have too much energy for one body!!

  82. {5} of course i follow V.. like i said.. she rocks.

  83. {6} done. lots of giveaways to blog about right now!!

  84. {10} i'm a follower now… and tired from comment overload!!

  85. (2) i would love anything V has to offer!

  86. (3) love, love to follow V!

  87. Great giveaway. I have always love her work.

  88. I am a follower Of Vanessa.

  89. About myself…hmmm. I love sewing and have been sewing since I was 5 years old. I had ADD and it was a way for my mom to control me. I am now 60+ and have still not lost my love of creating.

  90. oh i love vanessa's blog! and teen lit. woo hoo!

  91. Favorite item on site would be the ruffled pillow. It is just great!

  92. and i left a comment on the v&co blog. woo hoo again!

  93. i'm definitely drooling over those frames in her shop. and i love when she has those vintage zippers up…need to get me some of those.

  94. i already said i love teen lit. but to be more specific – i just read the hunger games – loved it!!

  95. How fun! I love Vanessa's stuff!

  96. Vanessa is so talented!! I love everything she makes. I would love to win the delicious Vintage Flower Fabric and the 3 patterns!! I've been really envious of her ruffle pillows for quite a while :)

    Lisa B.

  97. What isn't drool worthy at Uptown Jane?? I am especially loving the barn wood frames right now.

  98. I'm also drooling over the holly girly bag (blue and red flowers) that she makes…adorable!!

    Lisa B.

  99. Something about me?? I also love Young Adult fiction. Really if I need something great, but no too heavy to read that is my go to genre. Have you read the Gemma Doyle Trilogy (by Libba Bray)??? if not you really should!

  100. Oo oo oo! How lovely!

  101. I follow Vanessa's blog

  102. I commented on Vanessa's blog

  103. I follow your blog :)

  104. I left a comment on Vanessa's blog!!

    Lisa B.

  105. I'm a stay-at-home mom with three adorable boys, ages 3, 10, & 13. I home school. I love crafts and decorating, and enjoy reading blogs such as yours :)

    Lisa B.

  106. I'm a follower of Vanessa's blog!!

    Lisa B.

  107. I'd love to win the pin cushions…maybe then I'd be more motivated to finish my sewing projects!

  108. I heart give-aways!

  109. Something about me…I bake and sew at midnight!

  110. Wow! You are right – she has got some pretty cool stuff in her shop…and a pretty neat blog too :)

  111. I'm really lovin' her barn-wood frames!

  112. …Just left her some comment ♥

  113. Yay giveaway!

  114. I have been drooling over the fabric bracelet tutorial for a while now…how many times have I looked at it on etsy???? = ) (2)

  115. comment love on the blog (3)

  116. (4) I am temp. retired science teacher who is having WAY too much fun sewing on my time off with my girls….it is seriously killing my budget bying fabric so I am mostly addicted to the thrift store for fabric = )

  117. (5) Already a faithful follower of her blog (on my sidebar in my blog)

  118. (10) following this blog!

  119. About me…well, this could take a while! (I'll try to keep it short & sweet…the key word is *try*)

    I am very passionate about my Christian faith – it is definitely the most important aspect of my life. Currently, I am the aide in the Kindergarten class at the school I just graduated from this past school year. (yes – I am 18 years old. LOL) I can not even put into words how much I LOVE being with the kids. They bring me such joy and seeing them each day adds so much to my life. (:

    I also *really* love to cook/bake! I'm not quite sure how I developed this passion (because I don't even really consider myself a "foodie" or anything), but all I know is that I do. {And, I must say that I make the BEST chocolate chip cookies!}

    Recently, I got a new DSLR camera and I have quickly realized how much I also love photography. I have always had an interest, but now I can see myself *really* "getting into it." ;)

    Oh yeah – I love politics. And by "love" – I really mean that I love supporting Conservative/Republican causes/values. Pretty much everyone I know will admit that I can present a *pretty* convincing argument to defend my political views. I find the whole political world fascinating. I've actually thought about possibly trying to become a speech-writer for the GOP. But how I would actually going about becoming one – I have no idea.

    And, some miscellanious "tid-bits" about me:

    – I love etsy
    – I hate shopping for pants (they always seem too big)… so I really love wearing dresses
    – I am definitely a "Daddy's girl"
    – I am not really a fan of gold-tones…I prefer silver
    – Bumper stickers annoy me (the thought of putting adhesive on your car makes me cringe)
    – I live in Florida (always have)
    – I'm obsessed with names, so if anyone wants advice with naming their kids – let me know.
    – I actually really love auto-mechanics (a girly-girl that likes to tinker with transmissions…who knew? I know – weird, right?!)

  120. I'm now following Vanessa's blog

  121. I follow you on twitter

  122. I follow your blog

  123. AND! I've got your button :)

  124. What a fantastic giveaway!!

  125. I love her ruffle pillows. For reals!!

  126. I love leaving Vanessa comment love. She was very helpful with the "i've been there advice" while my hubby was deployed this summer.

  127. ~ I would love to win! I love Vanessa's creativity!
    ~ I love the girly bag. I don't need another bag – but I love them.
    ~ I left Vanessa some love. :)
    ~ I am a mom to identical twin girls.
    ~ I follow V&Co
    ~ I now follow your blog!

  128. I first heard about you from a random girl I met at Busch Gardens in Virginia. She had one of your camera straps, because she had taken Candice's class at Jessica Sprague. Turns out we had a ton in common and even knew a bunch of the same people. I ended up taking Candice's class and now follow your blog! Was that TMI?

  129. I follow Vanessa's blog.

  130. I also follow your blog.

  131. and NOW I'm going to go follow you on twitter!

    are you sick of all my entries yet?

  132. You rock girl. Being kind in arranging this great giveaway and giving us easy ways of increasing our chances to win.

  133. I'm leaving a comment… and crossing my fingers!

  134. Oooo, I love her Barn Wood Frames!

  135. I love bags but I don't make them. So I am drooling for this the holly girly bag (blue and red flowers).

  136. about me:

    i'm 16
    i'm the oldest of five, soon to be six
    i have four brothers, and my first sister on the way!!!

  137. i ADORED vanessa's blog. she is always one of the first blogs i click on when i'm looking for inspiration! i'm SO EXCITED about this giveaway!

  138. I love Vanessa's blog. She mixes in about her family and which I think makes a wholesome blog (like mine).

  139. I left Vanessa comment love!

  140. I so love the holly girly bag!

  141. i actually want the fabric bracelet tutorial off her etsy store, one of the main reasons i'm so excited about this giveaway!

  142. just commented on v & co.

  143. my favorite book is "to kill a mockingbird." i adored sophomore english class. :)

  144. Books – that is the top of my favourite list, just a bit above fabric. My favourite author is John Sandford of the Prey series. Try him – his gory all over.

  145. Oh, hey… Vanessa is a blog QUEEN. But, she links up with the best of the best. Now I've got your blog to enjoy too.

  146. i already follow vanessa!

  147. I've been a fan of Vanessa for well over a year. She's real, honest, funny, and generous.

  148. I love her blog, I left a comment telling her how amazing she is!

  149. Yes and I am a follower of her blog.

  150. A little about me… since having my little girl a year ago I learned how to sew and have sewed all kinds of stuff for her and am LOVING IT! You can check out what I have made here…

  151. #1: Leave a comment:

    I just love giveaways…especially when they involve things made by hand – one o' a kind Thanks!

  152. Ummmm….those fabric bracelets (esp. the green!) are adorable. I M.U.S.T. have that pattern! Drooling!

  153. Just left V & Co. some comment love. She's so talented.

  154. I follow her blog….I would be crazy not to.

  155. Tell you about myself: I have six root canals in my mouth due to my love of sweets. My dentist is rich.

  156. I am now a follower to your blog.

  157. I love V's patterns. and that turquoise barnwood frame is wonderful!

  158. I already follow V and Co. Lovve it!

  159. Now I'm following you on Twitter!

  160. I thought I was a follower to Vanessa's blog (I have her in my daily list) but not yet and its been changed.

  161. Something about me… I am a pediatrician, I love sewing and knitting, and ballroom dancing. And I am learning to make jewelry. Maybe I need more hobbies…

  162. I already follow V and co blog. love it.

  163. Love the pillow!

  164. I need to buy the three flowers pattern.

  165. I didn't cry when my daughter got on the bus today for her first day of school.

  166. I love, love, love the bracelet!

  167. I went to buy a bracelet pattern the other day and they were gone. OOh I want it!

  168. Would love the vintage fabric!!

    please count me in and thanks for being so generous.


  169. I love the pincushions…would love to win!

  170. I work the night shift…that's why I'm leaving comments at 0330!

  171. look at the bracelets, my daughters would love them. The pincushions are great. Everything is wonderful.

  172. I am and avid V and Co. reader it is in my google reader!
    I love her redo's! Great blog!

  173. My favorite book right now is Barbie and the DIamond castle read by my 6yr. old. (or any book read by her)!

  174. I love that blue barn frame in her shop!

  175. Of course I went to visit Vanessa's blog!

  176. I just became a follower of your blog. Woo hoo, one entry for me!

  177. I already follow the V & Co blog!

  178. I LOVE to read . . . my most recent favorite was "Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life" by Amy Krauss Rosenthal. I loved it. Such a fun, light, easy read! Give it a shot!

  179. I really think those fabric bracelets are adorable!!

  180. Left a comment on V & Co too!

  181. Thanks to Vanessa for sponsoring the giveaway and directing me to your great site. I love her blog and check it frequently.

  182. I love her stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  183. I have checked out Vanessa's blog numerous times. Love the Tutorials that she gives. I am glad she directed me to your blog. I am enjoying it.

  184. I looove her stuff!!!!!

  185. I love to read. When I read the twilight series, I read each book in a day. Have you ever read books by Marcia McClure. If not you ought to check them out. They are great reads. My favorite of her is Heavenly Surrender.

  186. I love the fabric bracelet tutorial!

  187. I love all of the books by Liz Kessler.

  188. I would love to sew something for this fabric for Aubrey. Oh and my favorite book right now is called "the Natashas". It is a hard read about the emerging sex slavery trade.

  189. ILOVE her ruffled pillows! I need to sew up a few for my Girly girl's new room!

  190. I am a follower

  191. I hope I win!!

  192. in Uptown Jane's shop I love the barnwood frames. I'm drooling over them- SO cute!

  193. I follow your blog!

  194. I follow V & Co.!

  195. I love V's barn wood frames, so cute.

  196. I am a stay at home mom to 2(soon to be 3) little ones ages three and under. I also own a small business which gets attention during naptimes, and after the kiddos are down for the night.

  197. If you love teen fiction, I just read the Gemma Doyle trilogy by Libba Brey, SOOO GOoD!

  198. I commented on V's blog!

  199. I follow V's blog. Love it!

  200. Now following your blog! I love finding new fun blogs to read :)

  201. Here's my entry #1. :)

  202. What a neat giveaway – hope I am lucky.

  203. I follow your blog.

  204. I am also a follower of V's blog.

  205. I'm a huge fan of Vanessa's – she's so creative!
    Great giveaway!

  206. #2 – I am drooling over the vintage fabric in the shop!

  207. (5) I'm a follower of V&CO already.

  208. 4) I also adore teen fiction! I'm reading "Marked" by PC Cast right now. It's an interesting take on the vampire fiction, especially because in the series the vampires are not hidden from humans- in fact all of the celebrities are vampires! It's a unique take on the familiar!

    Looking forward to getting to know you!

  209. i fallow v and co

  210. i love the fabric bracelets!

  211. i am a stay at home mom with two boys ages four and two. i just started back to college after a five year break to get my rn degree. we will in texas at dyess afb.

  212. i now follow your blog:)

  213. This is so cool. I have never tried the tutorials so it will be interesting. And you can never go wrong with fabric. Thanks for the chance!!!!

  214. I know it's not sewing related, but I love the barn wood frames. My father-in-law had some old barns and I love the wood and patinas they have. Love the ruffle pillows. Great look. Thanks for the chance!!!!

  215. I love reading, but right now my favorite books are a teen series we sell at the christian book store I work at. There are 5 books in the series by Donita K. Paul. DragonSpell, DragonQuest, DragonKnight, DragonFire & DragonLight. I can't put them down. It interferes with my crafting sometimes, but they are both such great hobbies.

  216. I love her patterns!! my fingers are crossed!

  217. I follow the V&Co. blog

  218. I love Vanessa's blog and I would be thrilled to win these fab prizes!

  219. Checked out Vanessa's cute shop. Drooled over lots of stuff, but mostly the barn wood frame.

  220. I left V some comment love.

  221. I would love to win! Those fabric bracelets are so adorable. Everyone I know would get one of those for Christmas. :)

  222. I commented on Vanessa's blog.

  223. I am a SAHM to four amazing boys. Our family is currently in the process of trying to adopt a baby girl. I love creating things, and have two blogs, a cooking blog and a thrifty decor blog.

  224. I have been drooling over those fabric bracelets for months now. I also think those ruffle pillows would be super cool to make. :)

  225. I follow Vanessa's blog.

  226. I am already a follower of Vanessa's blog.

  227. I am following you on twitter.

  228. I just signed up to follow your blog but for some reason my picture doesn't show up. Dang.

  229. I am a mom of 2 little children, a 4 year old boy and a 2 year old daughter. We are currently trying to conceive a third and final baby to complete our family. :)

  230. I am a new follower of your blog too!

  231. I fell in love with V&Co. when my mom sent me her blog link. I love reading about her life and projects and I want every single one of her necklaces, even if they don't pertain to my life. Haha.
    So hopefully my mom can buy me some of those since college students aren't the most money resourceful people.
    I love your blog and The Great Gatsby is my favorite book, as well as The Summer Series of books. :]

  232. I just spread the word about your giveaway on my Facebook page. :)

  233. Vanessa rocks! I love her blog and all her witty posts, plus she uber-crafty!

  234. About myself… well I'm a wanna-be crafter. I love to collect ideas, supplies and finding the time is a whole 'nother ballgame!

  235. I'll tell you first what I love that used to be in V & Co's Etsy shop… her very favorite red and white dot fabric. I was lucky enough to snag some when she had it available and now I'm afraid to use it! Her tutorials are the best.

  236. I will be subscribing to your blog. Know what got me??? Those adorable rolls on Baby Ben! I have to come back for more. That is just too sweet!

  237. I check V's blog daily. I love her style and I've been motivated to paint all kinds of things in my house. LOL! My favorite creation is her fabric bracelets … I just love those!!

  238. I'd love to win anything from V and Co.

  239. I follow V & Co

  240. My favorite thing in V's store: holly bag (brown and blue)

  241. I commented on V's blog

  242. I love reading too. My favorite author is Robin McKinley. Favorite book of hers is a toss up between The Hero and the Crown and The Blue Sword. I've read those 2 so many times I don't even keep track anymore. The last book I read was 2 books I read were Jordon Jordan's Eye of the World and Rousch's The Last Lecture.

  243. I facebooked about the giveaway

  244. I adore V! She has the cutest stuff. I love her patterns and purses.

  245. I follow V. :)

  246. I follow you now too…. :)

    PS. We have the exact same taste in books. Have you read The Hunger Games yet? You know the next one Catching Fire comes out on September first!!! Wahoo! I can't wait! And the next one after Graceling "Fire" is coming out in September too.

  247. I left V some comment love :)

  248. What an awesome giveaway from V.!

  249. I love V's blog too–hers is the only Etsy shop I've ever bought from. I'm drooling over her barnwood frames right now.

  250. I liked the Twilight books too. There was another book V read and told us about–The Hourglass Door. It's even better. I loved it.

  251. I now follow your blog

  252. Found your blog From V. Glad I did, and thanks for having a spot to give some of her patterns away! :)

  253. I love her shop, especially all of her pillows!!

  254. I left some blog love over at V & Co. :)

  255. I follow the V & Co. blog :)

  256. A little about me: I'm married with no babies yet, but we're working on that :) I own a cake shop, and I love to read a good mystery book :)

  257. I'm now a follower of your blog too :)

  258. LOVE that fabric! Thanks for the chance to win!

  259. I left a comment on V's blog before coming over to enter!

  260. I checked out V's shop and the thing I'm drooling over is the turquoise barnwood frame. I love turquoise!

  261. Here's my about me: I'm 23, mommy to beautiful twin girls! I live in Pittsburgh, PA but I'm from Glendale, AZ. I love sewing and crafting, being a mommy, cooking and shopping! (Oh and Wheel of Fortune.) My favorite band is The Format and I will never stop drooling over the gorgeous that was Heath Ledger.

  262. I'm already a follower of V&Co. Does that still count?

  263. I'm now following your blog too! I saw you over on luvinthemommyhood as well! You are just everywhere today!

  264. Here's my comment (#1)!

  265. Left a comment on Vanessa's blog (#3).

  266. Following Vanessa's blog (I've actually been reading it for a few months now, but I wasn't technically "following" with Google Reader because I use Netvibes.)

  267. A favorite book: I read The Goose Girl early this summer and fell in love. I can't wait for the fourth in the series to come out next month!

  268. Love the Holly Girly bag at the shop. Of course, I love it all.

  269. Trying to follow your blog, but the little button thing isn't responding right now. I already have you in my Netvibes reader, though, and I've been following you that way for a couple months, too. Does that count? :)

  270. Yay, I love her stuff!

  271. I like the barn wood frames…especially the turquoise one.

  272. Left a comment on V's blog

  273. I follow V's blog already.

  274. Wow, what a giveaway.

  275. I love Vanessa's fabric bracelet.

  276. Am I supposed to tell you I'm commenting on Vanessa's Blog…well I will anyways.

  277. I'm a stay at home mom who loves to sew.

  278. Something about me…I love books too. I feel guilty that I have been "too busy" to read lately, but I just picked up "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" to compare it to the movie. I also love teen fiction (I was an English major and took an Adolescent Lit. class my senior year…so much fun, I think I read 30 books in 4 months just for that class). I LOVE "Twlight," and if my husband's hair were darker, I think he'd look like Edward (when he has his hair a little grown out in the right style….yeah, he doesn't really, but some people have said he does, so I think it's cool and makes me feel less guilty).

  279. I totally follow V's blog.

  280. I'm gonna follow you on Twitter.

  281. I'll follow your blog too. It looks great. Thanks again. I'm glad to have found you.

  282. I love Vanessa's things. I would love to win!

  283. I already follow Vanessa's blog.

  284. I love her Three flowers pattern.

  285. Thanks for doing a contest. I found you via Vanessa's blog which I follow. Can't wait to read more.

  286. Oh, and I commented over in her blog as well. Good luck with the contest… looks like a lot of comments already!

  287. I love V & company!! She's so classy and has such great ideas!

  288. Her ruffle pillow patterns are to die for!

  289. I'm teaching myself to sew, and sometimes it's insanely awesome… sometimes not so much. But I keep plugging along!! Those pillows do want me to whip up something creative!

  290. I'm sorry, but I don't tweet! I don't have time between my blog and my facebook updates. I'm a busy lady ;)

  291. Oh, and P.S…. looooove those strap covers!

  292. I blogged about it at

  293. I enjoyed visiting her shop – I like her Three Flower pattern…

  294. I went to visit her blog and left a comment.

  295. One of my favorite books that I've read this year has been:

    The Bone Collector by Jeffery Deaver…You also might like books by J.T. Ellison…

  296. I follow your blog with bloglines…

  297. I follow you on Twitter…

  298. The 3 flowers embroidery is pretty darn cute as well! Cute bags too. It's all cute!

  299. I loved the Twilight Series, and can't wait to crack it open again, in bits and pieces, not all at once, like the first time! I also love Shannon Hale's stuff and anything by C.S. Lewis.

  300. I am a V & Co. follower.

  301. I am now a Benner Daily follower!

  302. Fun giveaway! Love that V and Co.

  303. Fun giveaway! Love that V and Co.

  304. I added your button to my blog.

  305. I just blogged about the giveaway.

  306. I am a grandmother and an Aunt. I am helping my mother plan her wedding and reception in Sept. She is 68 and proof there is love after love.
    I think Vanessa's blog is really cool. I left her a comment and decided to follow her too. Love that ruffled pillow and the bracelets are cool too.

  307. i love v and co! and now consequently I love benner's!

  308. Oh man, I love all her stuff. What's not to love about it?! And I would LOVE to win! (Since I probably have the worst luck in the world). I currently just finished the teen series "Uglies". Great teen series. 4 books, easy quick reads, very interesting and hard to put down! Check them out if you get time!

  309. Hi! I in v.c.'s shop I love her adorable purse's!

  310. I also am an avid reader, sewing mama, and love photography. It must be the creative personality type. They all seem to go hand in hand!

  311. I just recently made Vanessa's flower tutorial. It was really fun!

  312. I just signed up for a residential landscaping class. I'm going to learn a lot and hopefully make my yard look better!

  313. love the holly bag!!

  314. i left a comment on her blog!

  315. i'm following you!

  316. following V's blog too : )

  317. I am in love with the Ted Dekker series Red, White and Black.

  318. I Love ALL of Vanessa's wonderful treasures on her shop! Wow.. Those purses are calling my name!

  319. Pick Me, Pick Me to win the fabulous pattern/tutorials/fabric.
    I'm a quilter/crafter… those would go great in my stash of cool to do projects that are forever mounting up.

  320. I am a mom of two young ones, wife and i just completed my masters degree. my graduation present was my first sewing machine! so i'm devouring all of these tutorials and blogs about sewing. hope to win some fun things : )

  321. I love the fabric bracelet you are offering! Thanks ;-)

  322. I also love the holly girly bag (brown and blue) at UptownJane's ;-)

  323. I am 30, a sahm to a smart little cookie, brown hair and eyes, and love photography ;-)

  324. I love the City of Ember series (teen fiction). I am also a follower and love your camera straps ;-)

  325. Please enter me! Thanks.

  326. I am the mother/step-mother to FOUR married children and I am STILL waiting to be a grandmother.

  327. I'm drooling over the Holly Girl bag in Vanessa's shop.

  328. I left some LOVE on V&Co. blog.

  329. I follow V & Co. blog.

  330. I follow your blog.

  331. I love her blog and would love to win this giveaway!

  332. I love the Holly Girly Bag!

  333. Commented on V's blog :)

  334. About me…I am a SAHM and I have 3 little girls (4 years, 2 years, and 6 months). I love to sew and quilt. I'm not really "crafty" but love to read craft blogs and reproduce super cool ideas that I see.

  335. I follow V's blog

  336. follow you on twitter

  337. I have your button!

  338. I wanna win! I wanna win!

  339. Here's something about me: I knew V and her husband in college and she's every bit as cute in person!

  340. Oooh, I love V's barn wood frames and I love to read books about serial killers. Yes, I know, kinda weird, but I'm not the only one reading those books! I also love the Twilight series and the Little Britches books. Oh, and if you haven't read Tisha you need to! It is a true story about an Alaskan teacher way back in the days and it is amazing! A true love story.
    Anyway, I'd love to be in on the giveaway!

  341. Lovely. Enter me in.

  342. That Vanessa is too funny. Love her latest blog about leaving skid marks in the toilet. I can so relate.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  343. Something about myself…how about I am in desperate need of taking a sewing class. I just started sewing and I'm ok, but I know I am just not doing things right. I just make up my own way fo doing things which is more often then not a disaster. Oh well I have tons of FUN.

    I am also a fabric whore…I love fabric.

  344. K, I left a comment on V's blog.

  345. I love V's Holly Girlly bag. Someone should not be so talented and organized…really share!

  346. I've followed V & Co's blog for a few weeks and have always loved her bracelets. They're my favorite thing in her shop for sure!

  347. With a newish little one, I don't read a whole lot of books these days. I do love my magazines, though – flipping through Interweave Knits and studying Mental Floss. Great fun!

  348. What a great giveaway and so many ways to enter! I'm following you and Vanessa and commented on Vanessa's blog (in addition to my babbling above).

  349. I'm drooling over the barn yard frames! I love different picture frames.


  350. I love sewing, quilting, reading and any kind of art project.

  351. Love the ruffle pillow.

    =D melanie
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  352. My name is Melanie. I create Whimsies out of Polymer Clay.

    =D melanie
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  353. follow your blog

    =D melanie
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  354. follow you on twitter-melaniescrafts

    =D melanie
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  355. I llike both sites, V& Co and yours. Entering a contest is even better.

  356. I just checked out the ETSY sie. WOW! what's not to love about all the lovely items? love the fabrics used on all the projects.

  357. I love the green fabric bracelet! :)

  358. Something about me: I'm hoping to win this giveaway, because if I don't I'm going to have to buy one of those awesome fabric bracelets:) I know it would be less expensive to buy the pattern, but unless it falls into my hands (or is give to me ;) I'm far too lazy to make my own! :) That in a nutshell is the story of me. I recently went to a craft show (invite only to vend, and I wasn't invited :(. I bought a great necklace. I was so excited to show my family. They're like, ah, yah, looks like your stuff… Ugh, yep, I just like it all better when someone else makes it!! Just me?

  359. I follow V's blog!!

  360. I also am now happily following your blog!! :)

  361. I love love love this blog! I am making the baby girl quilt this week and hope to make the rag rug soon.

  362. Oh, this is such a great giveaway! I'd love to win; thanks for hosting!

  363. I have been wanting to buy the pattern for the fabric bracelet so that is definitely something that I'm loving from Vanessa's shop. I also really love the barn wood frame in white.

  364. I left a comment on Vanessa's blog.

  365. I have a ton of favourite books; I'm actually returning to school in September to begin my Masters in Information to become a librarian. I'm going to write my favourite authors rather than favourite books because that will be easier: L.M. Montgomery, Jane Austen, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Naguib Mahfouz, Evelyn Waugh, Nancy Mitford, Gregory Maguire, etc, etc, etc. :D

  366. I follow Vanessa's blog.

  367. I am following you on Twitter.

  368. I tweeted about the giveaway.

  369. I follow your blog.

  370. love, love, love the fabric bracelet.

  371. I love her barn wood frame (white 4×4) but I've been in her shop before and loved the rag rug kits!!

  372. I left vanessa some comment love!

  373. I am a mommy of 2 boys and soon to a girl! I love taking my son to his parent participation preschool, even though it is a ton of work!!!

  374. I follow her blog already :)

  375. I follow on twitter amolino

  376. I love V's blog and have it on my "inspiration" blogroll!

  377. I would love to own her bag with the red and blue flowers, one of her bracelets and her 3 flowers pattern! So cute!

  378. Great giveway – thanks!

    Sharon in FL

  379. I've been a follower of V & Co for some time now!

    Sharon in FL

  380. Love everything in her shop! The barn frames would be first on my list though. Serious wall candy needed!

    Sharon in FL

  381. Left a comment at V & Co! Thanks again!

    Sharon in FL

  382. About me: always looking for easy sewing/quilting tutorials even if I don't have much time to sew while I'm in school – pre-nursing. Hope to get in next fall!

  383. Following YOU!

    Sharon in FL

  384. Now following you on Twitter (the above was for your blog!)

    Sharon in FL

  385. Adding your button to my blog –

    Sharon in FL

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