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The Benner Daily Book Club Low Down



Hello!!! Tomorrow is the big start of our book club! I am so excited! I hope you are too…

I wanted to give you guys the low down on exactly what this book club will be doing… besides just reading a book. A good one, at that. ;) But, I feel like a book should be talked about. What you like, dislike, what character is your favorite, so on and so forth.

This is how it’s going to work. Each week I have set a chapter that everyone should be at. This is averaging 14 pages a day, so please don’t be frightened that I am going to make you read at warp speed as most of you think I do. ;) 14 pages is a simple amount. Go to the toilet if that’s the only privacy you get. LOL! I promise you that reading 14 pages a day is not an impossible feat.


OK. Now. At 14 pages a day, that’s about 98 pages a week… give or take. I have looked through Shiver, and decided that we are going to do discussions by chapters, not pages. This will be easier, and won’t leave you stopping mid chapter.
Now. For some, this book may just be too good to put down and you’ll finish it in a week. For others, you’re super insanely impossibly busy, and some days you may not read an entire page. I get that. No problem. Just make sure and get to the Chapter we will be discussing by the end of the week so you won’t have to hear any spoilers. I hate spoilers.

OK, so! Tomorrow, we start to read Shiver! :D Fun fun! Here is the chapters you’ll need to read through by next Thursday…

Chapters 1-17
{don’t panic! a lot of these chapters are 2-3 pages. they are not all big chapters. i promise.}

Be ready for a discussion VIA TWITTER next Thursday… I am not sure of the exact time yet. I am on West Coast time, but I know a lot of you are on East Coast time, and I think we even have a couple of members that are out of the U.S. all together. PLEASE comment here, and let me know of a time that works best for you. And remember to let me know what time zone you are in, so I can figure it out for myself as well. Once I reach an average time that works for everyone, I will announce it here. I like the idea of using Twitter, because it’s live, and we can all discuss it together. I do think it would be great if we all followed each other… then we can see what others are asking/saying. So, in that case… in your comment, please let me know your Twitter Username, so I can list them here for people to follow each other. If you leave me a comment before to late tomorrow, I will do a “book club” follow Friday on Twitter tomorrow for everyone as well. Also, we will be using a hash tag for each tweet on that night. So, after each tweet, save room for #TBDbookclub

OK, I think that’s it! I will be sending out your goodies between today and tomorrow. Again, I am sorry they are late. I am a slacker! Seriously sorry. :)
If you have any questions, please either comment them here, or email me: shealynn AT


Do you want to know what other books I have planned for all of you in the months to come? OK! But they are not going to be in this order. I just want to give you a slight element of surprise each month. ha ha! Here are 7 books… which means here are the books we will read in the 7 months to come after October. ;)

If you notice, they are ALL first books to a series. ha ha! Don’t hate me! But, it would take over 1 years of reading 1 book a month to get through these book series’. So, I am giving you a taste, and if you want to continue the series, PLEASE do! :D I would love that!

OK, here we go!

Secret Society – By: Tom Dolby
Wings – By: Aprilynne Pyke
The Hunger Games – By: Suzanne Collins
Vampire Academy – By: Richelle Mead
Uglies – By: Scott Westerfeld
City Of Bones – By: Clarissa Clare
Graceling – By: Kristin Cashore

P.S. Tomorrow I will be posting PICTURES! Whoa! I hijacked my husband’s laptop the other night to upload and edit some pictures of Angelina playing soccer, and some of Angelina and Zoe together. Cute stuff! Til then…. comment away! ;)


  1. Fun, fun!! Thanks for the list too!!! I can request some future books from the library :)

    Great idea using twitter. I don't know how to do the FF or what the hash mark means…..where can I learn about it ;)


  2. Just bought Vampire Academy, Walmart is out of Shiver. Hopefully I'll find it soon. (without paying full price, sigh) If not, I'll catch up and jump in asap.
    I'm mommafo on Twitter as well.

  3. YAY! I am excited. I will probably be one that finishes early. Excited about the next books as well. I have already read City of Bones (plus the other 2) and the whole Vampire Academy series.

    Thanks again for getting this started!

  4. I'm on Pacific time too…..not here from 2 – 3 PM and I have kickboxing at 6:15 PM.

    Polkadotmoon is my twitter name :)


  5. I am on Central time. School hours (8:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.) work best for me or 9:00 p.m. or later (once kids are in bed).

    priddycreations is my Twitter ID.

  6. I guess I better learn how to twitter:)- AND find Shiver. I'm on Pacific Time and best times either mornings (after 8 or evenings after 8:30)

  7. my twitter id is: imwatchingtv and i'm in the central time zone.

  8. ok ..first I have to learn how to twitter…

  9. Am in Eastern Standard Time which is on Daylight Savings Time…

    What can I say!!!

  10. my twitter is robear529 for the bookclub

  11. on pacific time! yay! so excited to start and 14 pages is totally do able. :) i'm reading city of ashes along with shiver right now so i'm glad i will be able to both. :)

  12. Hmmmm…I don't twitter. I guess I can start. I have been trying to stay away from it. I am in the Pacific Time Zone.

  13. i am soooo excited I cheated and read five pages…
    Twitter : carbear3

    Pacific time, school hours work well for me too

  14. Pick up "Shiver" tomorrow at Barnes and Nobel, love thier Pick-up Service when you have little ones in tow!
    Pacific time zone myself, mostly available mornings until 11:30am and then after 4pm, after pick-ups!
    Twitter: LilButtercups
    Happy Reading Everyone! : )

  15. I just got my Shiver book today. I'm ready to read!!

  16. OH, Shealynn, I don't twitter. But I'd still like to be in your book club. :)

  17. Ok. i now have a twitter account ;)

    i am jenny_inthepnw

    happy reading :)

  18. I'm on West Coast time, and after 9am and before 4pm works best for me.
    My Twitter is: chefamily

    Started the book and can hardly put it down, right from the start!

  19. Ok, I caved. I got twitter.
    I'm MamaCanon on twitter and I'm in the central time zone. :) :)

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