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:: A Gussy Giveaway ::


Don’t forget to enter the MKL Designs Holiday Card giveaway!  Click HERE.  It ends this Wednesday!!
Hello.  How was your Monday?
Mine was ok… until the toilet overflowed
all over the bathroom floor into my bedroom,
and then proceeded to overflow up through the
bathtub and shower drain.
It’s fun times here, people!  Fun times.
So… let’s make Monday better, shall we?
How about a giveaway?
Have you heard of Gussy?
Consider this a warning of extreme cuteness!
Because, I know you all are going to love
what she makes.  :)
Ummm…. yeah.
Totally cute.
Wouldn’t these make great stocking stuffers?
Or you could always buy 1 or 10 for yourself.  :)
I know you want one!
I sure do.
Guess what?  Maggie – the owner of Gussy
is offering ONE lucky lucky winner
a $30 gift certificate to her shop!
How seriously awesome is that?!
(She is taking orders for Christmas until 12/14)
Do you want to win?
Here’s how to enter…
Leave a comment for each one!!
Remember!  You do not have to answer every question, but the more you answer, the more chances you have at winning.  :)
And PLEASE remember to check back here to see if you have won! If you win, you must send me an email claiming your prize.

1. Just leave a comment.
2. Go visit Gussy.  Come back here and tell me what’s your fave.
3. Follow Maggie on Twitter. And follow her blog.
5. Blog, Tweet and/or Facebook about the giveaway.
6. Follow Me on Twitter.
(Two options: here or here.)
7. Follow my blog.
8.  Buy from Maggie’s shop before the giveaway is over and receive 5 extra entries!
Make sure you come back here and let me know you did… also make sure you let 
her know you’re from THE BENNER DAILY.
9. What would you like to see me post about here on The Benner Daily?  Besides tutorials… I promise – when I have time I will do some tutorials.  :)
10.  Tell me – what do YOU want for Christmas?

Good luck!!

This giveaway ENDS next Monday …  time? … you’ll see.  ;) 
Thank you Maggie for offering to do a giveaway on The Benner Daily!!  You rock!

If you’re interested in sponsoring The Benner Daily, we would Love to have you!
Please email for more information!
shealynn AT

P.S.  Go to Ucreate and check out the awesome
shops participating in her Online Holiday Boutique!
Click here.  I may or may not be offering
a discount.  :)
P.P.S.  Click here to enter to win a *Shey*[B]
Camera Strap Slipcover.


  1. Those are really cute zipper bags. :) Here's crossing my fingers to hopefully win some!

  2. My fav thing in her shop is actually the purple knit baby blanket made by Gussy's mom. :)

  3. I want a fancy camera for Christmas!!!! :P

  4. Today is my 30th birthday!!

  5. I like the Ruffle Gus – Black and White Plaid Wallet with Pink Ruffle

  6. I'm a blog follower

  7. Well…besides posting all your photog secrets I like reviews of things mom's use!

  8. I want an Elizabeth Lewis initial necklace under my tree! Just like the one I will be having in my giveaway weeks that starts next week! But i have a teaser that ends today and one that starts on the 2nd! Take a visit over…

  9. I like the avocado damask wallet with cumin ruffle. So amazing!

  10. follow you on twitter

  11. follow your blog

  12. I always love great jewelry finds. I love it when bloggers post new things for me to ogle!

  13. I want a booklight, camera strap cover, and a copy of "sew liberated" or "knitters book of wool" for christmas!

  14. Well, how cute are those little bags! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  15. I adore Maggie's work…so ynique and sassy


  16. Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. I heart the Ruffle Gus – Black Houndstooth Wallet with Pink Ruffle (and yellow button)


  18. Love to see a post of your best photography tips


  19. I really want a pair of black riding boots for Christmas :)


  20. Super cute ;)

  21. I follow your blog ;)

  22. i stalk you on twitter ;)

  23. I would love a new sewing machine for Christmas ….but I will settle for some new Gingher stuff.

  24. My favorite thing is the black and white hounds tooth with the blue ruffle. Cute stuff!

  25. Very cute zipper bags!

  26. pick me, pick me. i'm really sick and that would perk me up a tad!

  27. My favorite is Gus For Work – Sea Blue with Yellow Plaid Ruffle Work/Laptop Bag.

  28. I follow you on Twitter.

  29. I follow your blog.

  30. I would love to receive a fabric storage cabinet for Christmas!

  31. It does NOT sound like it has been a good Monday at your house. I hate days like that!!!!!

    Cute little bag by Gussy.

  32. peace…not world peace, just family peace. heaping lifetime long peace, that's all. amen.

  33. I LOVE this one
    Ruffle Gus – Black Houndstooth Wallet with Yellow Ruffle

  34. I follow her blog too ;-) My blog is

  35. Posted a blog about the giveaway!

  36. Just leaving a comment.

  37. I like the avocado damask ruffle gussy with the flap.

  38. Those are super cute.

  39. I adore Gussy! In fact, I put one in my stocking this year :-) Would love to get more!

  40. I follow her blog and follow her on twitter.

  41. I follow your blog and follow you on twitter.

  42. I like the Ruffle Gus – Golden Yellow Plaid Wallet with Green Ruffle

  43. I follow your blog

  44. I want a new phone for Christmas.

  45. CUTE! I know just what I would do with one.

  46. I like the Shady Gus – Black and White Houndstooth with Blue Ruffle Accessory Case and the Ruffle Gus – Black and White Plaid Wallet with Pink Ruffle.

  47. I follow your blog!

  48. Hmm, what else would I like to see, tutorials would be my answer, or giveaways but you already do your fair share of those. Maybe some FAQ's or tips and tricks for photography. Yeah, I would like that :)

  49. The sewing related things I would like for xmas are gingher shears, a magazine subscription and quilting supplies as I'm about to venture into my first quilting project!

  50. Cute, cute cute! All of them! I just love this giveaway.

  51. those are so cute! i know i would definitely give that to my sister in law for christmas this year :) (though i would love to have a few for myself too…

  52. my favorite is the Lovely Gus – Brown Damask Zipped Pouch with Cumin Ruffle!

  53. i follow you on twitter

  54. Hi from Fl, this fine Tuesday morning.


  55. I love all things Gussy, so not fair to pick just one!


  56. I have been a Gussy follower for some time now!

  57. I have been a Gussy follower for some time now!

  58. Blog follower of yours.

  59. I want a new sling, to carry my ever growing little boy!

  60. ooh love the gussy creations!!
    My favorite is the Lovely gus (brown damask) ooh I so want santa to bring this to me.

  61. I left gussy a comment!!!

  62. ooh and I now follow both of you on twitter

  63. Ooh, I recently discovered Gussy, and I LOVE all of her wallets!

  64. Any of the wallets in houndstooth fabric are my favorite!!!

  65. I just bought two wallets from her shop last night as gifts, does that count?!?!? Now I really need the $30 because I'm so sad to give these two away, because I really want them for myself!

  66. Oh, how I looove Gussy!! I think I've entered every giveaway she's had for a while, and I haven't been a winner yet…keeping my fingers crossed!!

  67. I follow your blog!

  68. I follow Maggie's blog and Twitter!

  69. I REALLY wanted a Nikon D3000 for Christmas, but I splurged and bought myself one during an after-Thanksgiving sale, so now I'm set! (And broke!)

  70. I follow you on Twitter: @thesweetpetunia

  71. I'm following your blog now! ;)

  72. I really want a surprise for Christmas: people keep asking me to tell them what I want, but I am NOT hard to shop for, and I prefer to be surprised. ;)

  73. Um, posts? Good question. How are you with photography? Cause I could always use some tips on that!

  74. Those are cute little bags! I'd love to have one!

  75. I posted a blog about your giveaway!

  76. I updated my Facebook status about your giveaway.

  77. I follow your blog.

  78. For Christmas, I'm hoping for some iTunes gift cards to go with my brand new iPhone!

  79. I went to Gussy's shop. My favorite is the black and white plaid with the light purple ruffle.

  80. I love all her stuff! :-) I've been eyeing her clutches for a long time!!

  81. and I'm a follower!

  82. Um…yeah…Gussy's awesome! I have one of Maggie's darling pouches – I use it to keep my cell phone safe in my purse :)

  83. I love the Ruffle Guss avocado damask wallet w/ cumin ruffle

  84. yep. I follow you on twitter

  85. …and, I follow your blog

  86. Hmm… what more do I want from you? LOL You are already *amazing* ;)

    Well, I do love to cook – so maybe some of your family's favorite recipes?

  87. For Christmas I'm still not really sure what I want. (I know. Crazy.) But, now that I think of it – a serger would be awesome to have!

  88. Here's my "just a comment!" I hope I win!

  89. My fave is the Ruffle Gus.

  90. I facebooked about the giveaway!

  91. …and I follow Maggie's blog.

  92. …and now I follow your blog!

  93. Hmmm…I just started following your blog…so I am not quite sure what I would like to see you post.

  94. I want a hippopotamus for Christmas! (Just kidding) My Christmas list: Pioneer Woman's cookbook, anything from Gussy, and my favorite perfume.

  95. Super cute zippered bags!

  96. One of my faves is:
    Shady Gus – Eggplant-purple with Harvest Yellow Plaid Ruffle Accessory Case

  97. I'm following Maggie's twitter and blog now.

  98. I want an IPOD Touch for Christmas.

  99. I LOVE Gussy! She makes the cutest little lovelies!

  100. My favorite today is the Ruffle Gus – Black Houndstooth Wallet with the pink ruffle and the yellow button! SO CUTE!

  101. I already follow Maggie on Twitter and her blog!

  102. I follow you on Twitter! @JustJingle

  103. I would love to see some no-sew handmade gift ideas!

  104. I would love som scrapbook supplies for Christmas. I'm not sure what yet, but I know I would like a few little things!

  105. Love Gussy! Another fun giveaway!

  106. I follow Maggie through twitter @saramomfof2 and through google friend

  107. I love these!

  108. I follow your blog

  109. My favorite Gussy items are the wallets.

  110. I follow the Gussy blog

  111. I follow you on twitter @saramomof2

  112. For Christmas I would just love to get a huge stack of beautiful fabric

  113. Ohhhh Thanks for the giveaway! Mass Cuteness!

  114. I subscribe to your blog

  115. I love the Ruffle Gus – Golden Yellow Plaid Wallet with Green Ruffle.

  116. I'd also love a new sewing machine for Christmas.

    Or… ya know, some shoes.

  117. I love her stuff!

  118. It's so hard to pick a favorite, but I love this one: Gussy'd Up – Green with Pink Ruffle Zipped Make-Up Bag or Diaper Organizer, Waterproof

  119. I love her cute bags! Thanks for the giveaway!

  120. I follow your blog.

  121. My husband and I got married this year so this is our first Christmas together. That's gift enough!

  122. I like this one "Lovely Gus – Cream Damask Zipped Pouch with Cumin Ruffle (glossy red button)"
    very cute little pouches!

  123. i am a follower of The Benner Daily!

  124. i'm asking for a sewing machine for Christmas!

  125. these would make great stocking stuffers!

  126. Oh my gosh. These are sooo cute!! I hope I win:)

  127. My favorite one is the one you posted. The houndstooth is adorable!!

  128. I follow you on Twitter

  129. I follow your blog

  130. I want a DSLR camera for Christmas, but I am not going to get it:)

  131. I like seeing people's real life on blogs. So if I can't say tutorials, then I guess I just like seeing what other people are up to.

  132. I am following Maggie on Twitter

  133. I am following the Gussy blog.

  134. I love her bags!! So cute. Thanks for a giveaway!

  135. I love a super cute give away!!!

  136. I love the Ruffle Gus – Black Houndstooth Wallet with Pink Ruffle (and yellow button). Way too cute!

  137. I follow your blog!

  138. I follow your twitter.

  139. I would love to see some photography tips of yours.

  140. I want a brand new shiny camera lens for Christmas!

  141. I love each and every piece that, I want all of them!

  142. i love gussy! i especially love her pouches. all i want for christmas is snow!

  143. Oh I love Gussy and would love to win so i could actually OWN some Gussy! =)

  144. I like the
    Gus For Work – Sea Blue with Yellow Plaid Ruffle Work/Laptop Bag

  145. I follow Gussy Has a lot to Say

  146. What do i want for Christmas? The Pioneer Woman's cookbook! And some Gussy!

  147. i love Gussy's ruffles!

  148. my fave item is definitely the Skinny Gus – Floral Print with Lite Pink Ruffle Small Zipped Pouch.

    so stinkin' cute!

  149. I follow Maggie's blog and Twitter!

  150. and now i follow you on twitter!

  151. And now I also follow your blog!

  152. what i want most for Christmas is a sewing machine!

  153. LOVE Maggie's blog….thanks for the giveaway!

  154. I think THIS is my fave item from her shop…
    Ruffle Gus – Black Houndstooth Wallet with Pink Ruffle

  155. Oh, Those are adorable!

  156. Yellow Houndstooth Wallet with Pink Ruffle is my fav!

  157. Following her blog.

  158. Already following you. :)

  159. What I want for Christmas..?. UGGS!

  160. Aww..I <3 Gussy!

  161. I follow her blog!

  162. I also follow her on twitter!

  163. Love Gus! I hope I win!

  164. My fav is her laptop bags!

  165. I'm following her!

  166. I want a new handbag and wallet for Christmas.

  167. I love the cream damask zipped pouch w/ cumin ruffle!

  168. What a great giveaway!! I love her black and white bag w/ the pink ruffle!!

  169. And I purchased one of her large bags! I can't wait to get it!!

  170. I folow Gussy's blog and her Twitter.

  171. I love the zipped pouches. I own one of the first ones ever made! (kind of)

  172. I like your blog! I am glad Maggie showed it to us!

  173. I want to be with my family for christmas!

  174. love your camera straps! so cute!!

  175. i follow maggie on twitter…and her blog!

  176. i follow you on twitter…

  177. …and i now follow your blog :)

  178. i've bought a few things from maggie's shop, and love them! i really love the lovely gus

  179. I love Maggie's stuff!

  180. Great giveaway. Thanks!

  181. my fave is Shady Gus – Black and White Houndstooth with Blue Ruffle Accessory Case

  182. follow you on twitter @throuthehaze

  183. follow your blog

  184. I'd love to win!

  185. My favorite item is the Lovely Gus – Cream Damask Zipped Pouch with Cumin Ruffle (glossy red button).

  186. I love Gussy's shop…great give away!!

  187. my favorite item she has right now is the Ruffle Gus – Black Houndstooth Wallet with Pink Ruffle!

  188. I now follow your blog :)

  189. I seriously like the little Ruffle Gus wallet and might have to shop before this contest is over! I'll let you know!


  190. Super cute!! I would love one as a gift for my sister!

  191. Tweeted.

  192. Already follow you on Twitter.

  193. Already follow your blog.

  194. I want a Kindle for Christmas.

  195. I am now following Maggie on Twitter.

  196. I now follow Maggie's blog.

  197. Super cute bags!!

  198. My favorite from the shop is the Cream Damask Zipped Pouch.

  199. I follow you on Twitter…

  200. …and your blog.

  201. What do I want for Christmas… a longarm quilting machine… it won't happen, but I can wish, right?

  202. Oh pick me, cause I totally want a stocking stuffer…for me!

  203. Apple Wallet with Yellow Ruffle is my favorite cause I super duper big heart that fabric!

  204. I follow you on twitter at both profiles, @KTnestingspot

  205. I follow your blog.

  206. I want a cricut for Christmas and I've been very good cause guess what I'm getting one! They went on a super good sale over Thanksgiving and my husband actually went and got one. I was shocked.

  207. Well I would say tutorials but you said not those…maybe some fun stuff you do with your family. I always like learning a little bit more about the person behind the blog. Plus you have gorgeous photography skills maybe some reciepes?

  208. Ok! I'm back! I just bought FOUR of her small zippered pouches and have messaged her letting her know I came from your blog! Thank yoU!


  209. Oh how cute!!! Count me in.

  210. Such cute stuff! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  211. LOVE her stuff!

  212. so cute! crossing fingers.

  213. Lovely Gus – Orange Plaid Zipped Pouch with Fuchsia Ruffle

  214. blog follower

  215. follow on twitter-melaniescrafts

  216. I love Gussy! I have none of her products (yet), but love the look of what I've seen online. Also, she is hilarious on her blog. Just chatty and I like that. =)

  217. I love Shady Gus – Black and White houndstooth w/ blue ruffle accessory case. I would buy anything with a shock of blue.

  218. I already follow Maggie on Twitter AND her blog.

  219. Just tweeted the link to this giveaway. I'm @albcarlson

  220. I am now following your blog. Just found you today! I love it. =)

  221. Just purchased the Lovely Gus – Slate Gray Pouch with Green Damask Ruffle for my sis-in-law. (Unless I love it so much I keep it. Haha!)

  222. These are so cute!! I love anything with pink and black. Thanks for the chance to win. CindyML

  223. All these giveaways are great. Thanks for introducing me to Gussy.

  224. I follow your blog

  225. I follow you on Twitter

  226. I'm glad I found your blog!

  227. I'm loving Gussy's black houndstooth wallets, but love everything she makes!

  228. I follow Maggie on Twitter and am also a follower of her blog.

  229. I now follow you on twitter.

  230. And I now follow your blog too. : )

  231. I love the gold and plum mini wallet! So cute!

  232. I love Gussy!!

  233. My favorite product of hers is the striped makeup bag. Yummy!!

  234. I follow Maggie's blog.

  235. I follow your blog!

  236. Ohhhh, how much I would love to win! I love the grey plaid, soooo cute :)

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