Shey B

The Chair


I am likely not going to have a lot
of time to blog this week, so I thought
that I would share this awesome
before and after post of the
Goodwill chair I re-did.
Here is the chair before…
UGLY, right?  You betcha.
It was very unattractive.
But, all I needed was a little bit
of magic in a can…
Here it’s just primed.
Looking better already!
And, voila!
Spray paint is magical.
How about a baby in the chair?
Cute indeed!
That little girl baby is too, of course.  ;)
Well… she was more than cute…
she was adorable.
P.S.  Thanksgiving pictures and Christmas decorating
pics coming soon… I hope.  :)
Stay tuned for a giveaway tomorrow!!! 
You’re going to LOVE it!

book club members… December’s book is UGLIES by Scott Westerfeld…
Not a lot of people are coming to the book club chat room… if you’re still in the book
club, please comment on this post.  I had a ton of sign ups, but only 5 people or so show up
to the chat room every week to discuss the books.  You no longer need Twitter to
discuss the books.  The meetings are now on Wednesday at 7pm Pacific Time.

Also… Ornament Exchangers… please scroll down
to see who your partner is!!  Ornaments MUST be mailed NO later than
December 7th!  Thanks!


  1. Very nice :) We used to have a chair like that…too bad we pitched it – I could have worked some magic on it too!

    I have actually been on quite a furniture-painting-kick lately! lol

  2. I might just get the courage to start painting some of our furniture. The transformation really is impressive- especially with a little baby on the seat.

    Still doing bookclub. I'll be late this time around- after 8 unfortunately. But then maybe the chatting won't get so heated without me:)

  3. Still in bookclub, and super excited to start the Uglies!

  4. What a great transformation! I love the color you chose.

    Thanks for the review of Hush Hush. I read it recently and loved it!

  5. Lovw what you do with an ugly piece of furniture!

    Yes, I am still reading – I've read:

    Shiver – which I totally loved!!!!


    The Hunger Games – which really blew me away – enough that I went and found the second one – Catching Fire and am in the middle of reading it…

    I will be reading the Uglies, too – as soon as I find it.

  6. I paint everything I can get my hands on….it's good to see I'm not the only one ;)

    I still plan on doing book club but Wed. is really hard for me. I will try to be there by 7:30. I know it is late but it is the best I can do.

  7. I had to laugh because I have that same chair and I also spray painted it blue (for my daughter's room). Funny!

  8. A beautiful transformation! Enjoyed my first-time visit to your place!

    Kindly, ldh

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