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January’s Book Club Reads!!


Who is still in the book club???
I am totally lame, and totally busy 
that I have forgotten to announce 
this month’s book.
Or should I say books.
We will be reading 
The Mortal Instruments series!!
City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass!
Click HERE to see what they look like and what they’re about!
February we will be reading Wake, Fade & Gone by Lisa McMann.  
Please let me know who is still in the book club, and if you
want to sign up, we would love to have more members!
We had LOTS of sign ups in the beginning,
but seems we have lost a lot since then.


  1. I'm still reading, but I seem to suck at discussing!

  2. Love the Mortal Instrument Series! And really enjoyed Wake and Fade. Can not wait until Gone is available.

  3. I'm still in! You know I've read them already but I will read them again! I LOVE this series. Jace owns me.

  4. How does the book club work?

  5. I'd LOVE to join but definitely not this month! Two trips, a half marathon, no way will I get all three books read. (Still slogging through Under the Dome!)

  6. First of all–you have a book club? So do I! Woohoo!
    Second–you make camera straps? I just got a new camera and hate the ugly strap and bag! Could it be more bland?! I must get one of yours!

  7. I'm reading, but WAY behind you fast readers!!! Hey, I've got "old eyes"!!! ;)

  8. Ooh, I want to join in your book club! Sounds fun! :)

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