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I have another fun giveaway for you this week!!  Meet Melissa.  She is the owner of the Etsy shop, Two Little Tots.  If you have kids, you will love her shop!  I especially love the hooded towels!!  Let’s find out more about Melissa and how she got started with Two Little Tots…

I was a working girl for 10 years at Target HQ and I made a huge career change in May of 2008 and became a stay-at-home mom of my twin girls.  I have the greatest job in the world, because I am able to stay at home with the girls and create fun baby and kid essentials.  Since, I have been at home, I now have the time to work on my creative ideas and sell them…love that I can me a mom, but still have a little business on the side.  I have always loved creating things with fabric and paper, so Two Little Tots was a long time dream for me.  Once I became a mom, I found it was hard to find cute and unique baby items, so I started making a lot of baby gifts and things for the girls, over time, I decided to open an Etsy shop.  The hardest part was coming up with a name for my shop, then one day it hit me…’Two Little Tots’, it was so fitting, because it is my real life everyday.  I have two wonderful little girls in my life and they bring me so much joy and now I have this wonderful little business, that my dear husband has been so supported of me.

How fun!  I love hearing how people start their businesses!!

Melissa has been so kind in offering a $25 Gift Certificate to her shop!!  How lovely of her.

Here is how to enter:
Go visit Two Little Tots the shop.  Come back here and tell me what you would get if you won the $25 shop credit.
Follow my blog
Follow Melissa’s blog
Follow me on Twitter. {about to combine Twitter accounts, so not giving the other option anymore}
Tweet, blog and/or Facebook about this giveaway
Tell me your favorite memory from this week so far.
Good Luck!! 
Giveaway ends Next Wednesday 
at some random time of my choosing.  ;)

There is still time to vote!!  Only 3 days left though!  It takes mere seconds to vote.  Promise!  :)  Click here.  Thank you again to those of you that have!!!  You ROCK my socks off.
The Lovelies


  1. I'd love the what a hoot crayon roll up and some of those super cute button clips!

  2. I follow your blog

  3. Cute! I like the Messy Flowers hair clips. How fun!

    thesweetestpetunia {at} gmail {dot} com

  4. Blog follower!

    thesweetestpetunia {at} gmail {dot} com

  5. And I follow you on Twitter – @thesweetpetunia

    thesweetestpetunia {at} gmail {dot} com

  6. I follow your blog

  7. So far this week, my favorite memory has been my son's fabulous smile and sweet nature. He has been very thoughtful and kind the past few days and I'm really enjoying it. He's 4 so I'll take what I can get!

  8. I follow you on twitter

  9. I follow Melissa's blog

  10. With my giftcard, I would buy a hooded bath towel for the new baby and I love the button clips. :)

  11. Love the pink/brown messy flower hair pin! cute!!

  12. I follow your blog…

  13. Oh, I'd definitely have to get the girly pink hooded bath towel!

  14. …and, I'm now following Melissa's blog

  15. I follow you on twitter :)

  16. Oh I think the girls would like any hooded towel.. but I just LOVE the Oh So Shy Girly stripe one!

  17. I am a loyal Benner blog follower.. :)


  18. I am new Melissa blog follower.. Can't wait to read more about her twins. :)

  19. I follow you on twitter. :)

  20. I would get the Crayon Roll Up in Black and Girly Bright Polka Dots and a messy flower hair clip.

  21. I follow your blog!

  22. Favorite memory from this week.. hmmm… Sitting on the couch quietly resting with Haley watching the birds at the suet feeder.. no tv.. just us sitting there cuddling and talking.. :)

  23. I would choose Color Pencil Tote-Oxford Blue and Messy Flower Hair Clip Set-Pink and Brown or maybe just several of the hair clips! Tough choice. Thanks for the chance to win. mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  24. Following this blog.

  25. Following on twitter as mrsmchappell

  26. My funniest memory of this week so far was my 2 year old telling me I look like a boy?! Silly kid.

  27. I adore the
    Crayon Roll Up-Retro Stripes


  28. follow your blog


  29. i like the Burp Me-Full Moon Polka Dot-Slate!

  30. favorite memory this week was watching my baby learn to sit up on his own


  31. i follow :}

  32. fav memory this week was lunch date with husband as yummy cafe

  33. I love love love her Cozy Hooded Bath Towel-Oh So Cute Monkey!!!

  34. i am a loyal follower ♥

  35. I now follower her too!

  36. My funnest memory this week?

    Feeling my baby kick for the first time.


  37. I love the crayon roll-ups. What great fabric choices as well.

  38. The green burp cloths, I think . . . I love the chubby button barrettes, but you can't get them without buying a crayon roll. bummer!

  39. i follow your blog! :)

  40. I love all the messy flower hair clips.

  41. I'm a follower.

  42. My favorite memory from this week is getting a contract on our house that's been on the market for only 3 weeks!!

  43. With 2 little girls and another baby on the way, I would LOVE to stock up on some cute hair accessories!!

  44. oh, and I am already one of your "blog" followers :-)

  45. I love the crayon roll up!!! I've been wanting to get one for awhile.

  46. I will follow your blog.

  47. Blog follower here! All the stuff is cute but I would get the hooded towel in pink camo…adorable.

  48. I love her crayon rolls. I would get 2 for my daughters' Easter baskets.

  49. I follow your blog

  50. I follow Melissa's blog

  51. twitter follower amy_croley

  52. My newest beautiful niece was born on Monday. My favorite memory of the week is the first time I kissed her chunbby cheeks!

  53. thanks for the giveaway!
    I'm a twitter follower!

  54. My favorite item at Two Little Tots is the Cozy Hooded Bath Towel-Oh So Girly Pink Stripes!! Cute!

  55. I follow the Shey B blog!!

  56. I follow Shey B on Twitter!!

  57. My favorite memory of the week is getting a phone call from my daughter saying her and her husband will be moving back in June rather than July!!

  58. I like the Cozy Hooded Towel-Bright Boy Camo.

  59. I like the oh so girly towel and the crayon roll ups. Oh such a hard choice.

  60. I follow your bloggity blog

  61. I follow you of Twittah

  62. I would love the pink striped hoody for the girly in my life. :D

  63. follower of your blog.

  64. Walking behind my parents seeing them holding hands. It was the most adorable sight! <3

  65. Wow, I would buy everything…ok, that is not possible right now but it is a hard choice! So many cute things!!! I LOVE the cowboy and zoo crayon rollups, and they would be perfect since I have two little boys! Or I would get the blue camo hoodie towel, just too cute!

  66. The messy hair clips and the colored pencil roll are my favorite. I like that the roll includes a pad to color on.

  67. I follow your blog

  68. I follow you on twitter

  69. I am always looking for gorgeous accessories for my baby girl. The messy flower is gorgeous and the hooded bath towel is a must!

  70. I like the Crayon Roll Up-Retro Stripes.

  71. I'd buy messy hair clips. They're awesome!

  72. I follow your blog, too!

  73. I would get the bright boy camo hooded towel, it's so cute!

  74. I love the hooded towels!

  75. follwo you on twitter!

  76. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the monkey hooded towel for Tiny Dancer. :)

  77. I'm following your blog.

  78. And OF COURSE I follow you on Twitter!

  79. I love ALL of the crayon roll ups…what a cute idea! I don't know which I would choose. And the chubby button hair clips are darling.

  80. I follow your blog! :)

  81. I would love to win! I really like the crayon roll ups!

  82. I'm a follower of Melissa's blog.

  83. And now I follow you on twitter. I'm @pittspilotswife

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