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Weather here is different than most other places around other states.  While others are enjoying 40+ degree weather in the Spring, Arizona is currently having 80 degree days.  While everyone hates their winters, I revel in ours.  If you even want to call it winter.  The coldest I have ever seen it in the morning is 38 degrees, but that rises quickly to 50 or 60 within a few hours.
That is when so many say they are so jealous of Arizona’s weather.

Fast forward to the end of April when *you* are enjoying your 70 degrees and we are in the high 90’s.  So, for now… we’re enjoying the weather.  In which case, I think this evening would be a good time to take some pictures outside.  Soon, though, we will be banished in the house due to extreme heat conditions.

Happy Spring!!!


I released the newest Couture… but it sold yesterday before I could share… but I wanted to share it anyway.  There will be another one soon!


  1. the pics of your girls are super darling! you always capture them in their sweetest states – they always look so happy!

    wow- i took a peak at your couture! W.O.W. congrats on it selling out! go, girl!

  2. Fabulous pictures!!!

  3. i am really loving the couture camera straps — gorgeous!! i've only been to arizona once and it was in august.. we didn't stay outside at all, it was unbearable!!

  4. I hear ya about the heat… in my part of Florida – it gets so hot so fast! It's been in the upper 70s — mid 80s this month.
    But, I know it doesn't come close to AZ.

    I don't mind *warmth* — but the heat kills me.

  5. Love the pix of the girls! Also that new strap! =) Happy Spring!

  6. This is definitely the best time of year in AZ… During the middle of the summer we go (very quickly) from the pool to the A/C!

    LOVE the new strap, and I'm so happy that they're selling so quickly for you!

  7. YOU are SO talented.

    keep up the amazing work!

  8. OMG!!! I LOVE, love, LOVE, that camera strap! Darling! Must have one! :)

  9. Am I reading this correctly? There is only one couture made…not one style, just one? I guess I better keep my eyes open and be quick on the draw if that's the case. Thanks!

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