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OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!  My feature is out!  I was asked about 6 weeks ago if I would be willing to be featured in an Australian fashion magazine called Frankie.  My answer?  LOL!  Definitely, of course, YES YES YES!  I was thrilled that the editor found me and wanted to feature me.  What a dream.  Dream come true.  haha.  So.  I have a Twitter friend that lives in Australia, and since Frankie is only available there, I can’t get it here.  So my lovely Aussie mate bought me a few of the magazines and is sending them to me!  WOO HOO!  She even went the extra mile and took pictures of my feature so I could see it now instead of having to wait.  She is the nicest person evah!  :)  So… here is my feature…

Squeeeeeeeeeel!!!!  This is completely surreal.  Thank you Frankie for making my YEAR!


  1. So cool! Your famous down under and everywhere!

  2. That's so awesome!

  3. Woohooo!!! so, so, excited for you!! …and, I love the wording of the write-up… who wrote it? (fabulous.)

  4. Sooooo cool!! So happy for you!
    You deserve it.

  5. Yay! Congrats! You totally deserve it! Keeping my fingers crossed that somebody got me a strap for my birthday! ;o)

  6. Beyond cool! Now you are gloabl….

  7. AWESOME! Congrats on the feature!!

  8. congrats! that's so awesome!

  9. Congrats! That's awesome!

  10. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Awesome, congrats! :)

  12. Congrats!!

  13. CongratS!!!!! You are a celebrity (I swear you were one already though!!) Can't wait for mine to come in and I can make my sweet girl look AMAZING!!

    Keep up the awesome work!!

  14. CONGRATS!! That is so awesome!!

  15. so very cool. congrats!! how will you celebrate?! :)

  16. So exciting! Congrats!

  17. Hi from Perth, Australia! I bought my frankie magazine Wednesday and was delighted to see what has to be the best camera accessory ever! I'm deliberating over which one I should order! Love your work!

  18. congrats!!! you rock girl! you really have made people be able to rock their cameras…and still be original… all at once!!

  19. congratulations! that is great news. :)

  20. that is super exciting!!!
    my favorite thing in your shop currently is the Bow Tie strap :)

  21. Congratulations!


  22. How exciting! And really, it's no wonder- your products are AMAZING! :)

  23. Congrats! Your camera straps are beautiful. I'm here from Freckled Nest ;)

  24. Love your work! Your camera straps are darling! Here from the Freckled Nest! :)

  25. I found you on Freckled Nest! How awesome that you were featured! Way to go! I love your cute camera straps!


  26. congratulations that is uber exciting :D

  27. Dropping by from FN. Congrats on the piece in that cute magazine. Lovely straps :)

  28. Congrats! You are "clever"!

  29. Oh how amazing! what an honor i am sure. The article was lovely but you deserve it! i was browsing through your shop and your camera straps are truly wonderful. Picture taking is already a wonderful experience in itself, but your strap would be like the cherry on top!

    once again congrats!

  30. Your straps are a brilliant idea, I'm so glad you're getting such great exposure!! I'm here from Freckled Nest, by the way, but I'm gonna go ahead & add you to my google reader. :D

    Love your stuff!

  31. In a magazine?!? Pretty cool.

  32. That is soo awesome! Congrats!!

  33. Congrats on the write-up! The little blurb is super cute! LOVE your camera straps :)
    Found you on Freckled Nest, and I think I will be stopping by your shop to buy one…or two!!! So excited!

  34. That's fantastic! I love your mix of textiles, the camera straps are a great way to accessorize and individualize your camera!

  35. What an honor! It's so inspiring to see fellow crafters getting publicity! Congrats!

  36. Found you on LA's blog… I LOVE your camera straps. They're so rad and fun! Would love to get one some day for my camera…keep up the good work!

  37. Congrats!!
    …by the way I Love your layout! very cool :3

  38. That's fantastic! Congrats!!

  39. Congrats! Félicitations !

    your work is pretty amazing, and your blog is really nice!

  40. Thats fantastic!! I love your paisley patterns. Going to nosey at your shop now and drool a wee bit :p
    Visiting from FN :)

  41. Holy smokes! Congrats!!

  42. awesome! Congrats on getting featured!

  43. wow, congrats! your blog is lovely.

  44. that is soooo cool!! and that magazine looks amazing. dude, i want one! :D
    congrats girl! <3

  45. How exciting to see something about yourself and business in print. Congratulations! I found you via Freckled nest…. she knows all the best people!

  46. congratulations! that's so exciting! your camera straps are so pretty. I was also just looking at your iphone cases… very nice.

  47. Congratulations on the feature! I love what you do.

  48. I entered the FreckledNest contest – I would LOVE to win one of your camera straps for one of my film cameras… congrats on the awesome work getting into that mag!

  49. wow! Frankie is SUCH a cool magazine.. how fitting :)

  50. i love this magazine! congrats, awesome news!

  51. thats awesome! your straps are definitely magazine worthy!

  52. Hello! I'm a FN sponsor (dirty laundry). I just wanted to stop by and say hello!

    Congrats on the magazine feature! That is so wonderful.

    Stay creative!

  53. 哥倫布:「勇於追求新的地平線就是冒險家。」加油!! ....................................................

  54. Yaaaaay!!! It must be awesome to see your work printed on glossy paper for all to see.

    Congratulations! You deserve it, your camera straps are fantastic!

  55. i'm not a photographer, but your adorable camera straps make me want to be one!!! LOVE your blog! found it through FN and i'll be back frequently.

  56. Wow!! That is amazing! Congrats!
    I am visiting from Freckled Nest!

  57. Wow!!! Congrats to you! Looks like a very cool magazine and the was very sweet of your Aussie friend!

  58. Wow! Found you via the Freckled Nest giveaway, Congrats!!! That is such exciting news!!
    Sarah M

  59. that's really awesome, being featured is great!

    and i love the font you've used on your site!

  60. lovely, lovely :}
    & my doggie Bear says 'Hi' to Moona :}

    waving at u,

  61. I live in Australia and get Frankie every month. I saw you and recognised you because i read the Freckled Nest Blog. I was so excited for you, congratulations!!

  62. I live in Australia and get Frankie every month. I saw you and recognised you because i read the Freckled Nest Blog. I was so excited for you, congratulations!!

  63. Your straps are gorgeous!

  64. Congrats!
    Beautiful feature!

  65. How wonderful for you to be written up in a magazine. Beautiful photography work.

  66. How Exciting!

    This is how you know you've made it.

    I love your straps and am definitely going to buy one once I have some extra spending money.

    I came here from Freckled Nest, by the way.

    ~Rae Bender

  67. That is completely awesome for sure!!!! Congrats to you!

  68. awesome! awesome! awesome!

    Congrats :)

    The feature is adorable. I personally love your work. (too bad I don't own a camera or apple product)!!

    I have seen other camera strap shops and nothing compares to *Shey* [B]. IMO.

  69. Hey,
    I'm from Australia and heard/read about you in Frankie.
    I absolutely LOVE your camera straps (and *coming soon* laptop cases). I really want one, I will just need to buy a DSLR first (better keep saving haha).
    Congrats on being featured in Frankie btw, it's a great magazine (:

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