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Angelina’s Concert


I am so behind on event posting.  Oye!  I don’t think it’s possible to be any busier than I am.  Which is definitely a great thing.  But it can be pretty stressful.

So… let’s catch up!  Back on May 13th Angelina had an end of the year program.  She was granted a talking duet piece in the concert.  She was super nervous, and mom and dad and sissy were so proud of her.  She got the part because she is an accelerated reader (6th grade level).  She ended up doing awesome, which we knew she would!  Here is a picture through my video camera of her…

And I snapped a couple pictures of Zoe and Mike while we waited for the concert to start. . .

I DIE over this picture!  Perfection!!!

And this one cracked me up!

Such a funny girl.

Next up!  Angelina’s birthday!!!  New post for that one.  :)


  1. Thats the same "shut your face" move we use when Mike agrees to doing Flash work for customers. ;)

  2. so sweet.
    i love the captured moments.
    precious and silly :)

    happy day, my friend!

  3. Yay Angelina! …and Shey – you are right. those pics are fabulous. :)

  4. Yes Miss Shealynn, super cute in the moment pix. =)

  5. Wonderful pics! The B&W makes them so dramatic! Lovely!!

  6. Very sweet!!!!!!

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