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This girl…

Just POOPED in the potty!  HUGE HUGE HUGE!  I know this is a bit weird and TMI for a blog post, but this is such a huge milestone!  I was beginning to worry because she’s 3 1/2.  But worry no more!  She did it!!!!!!  There might have been screamings of YAY and WOO HOO and we are SO PROUD of you Zoe!!!  Yayyyyyyyyy!!!

That is all.  :)


  1. *tossing glitter about*

    this is INDEED time for a celebration!

    do the potty dance! do the potty dance!


  2. Yay! I feel your excitement! I have a 3 year old son who has only pooped on the potty twice in several months. Potty training is slow going for us and I know how excited I got when he finally did (thought it's been a while). I hope she keeps up the good work!

  3. HUGE! This is BIG… I TOTALLY get this… BE excited and shout it from the roof tops!
    I did. LOL

  4. She will be SO pleased to see this when she turns 16.

    But YAY!! That is exciting news! Now you can use your profit from your Couture line to pay for her therapy sessions.

    *snicker snort*

    I kid!

  5. She is going to be thrilled when she is 10 and finds out you posted this :)

  6. YAY!!! And I totally get it. One of the girls…finally figured it out too…about a month ago. Now I just have to get the other one potty trained…that is a full time job!

  7. Hey, I would post about that too. Time to celebrate and give little Zoe a big party reward so she keeps up the good work!

  8. hooray, zoe!

  9. Oh my goodness… no joke. I was just about to tweet ya to ask how Zoe's potty progress was going. LOL!

    This IS huge!!

  10. Yay!!! I remember those days of the first "poop in the potty"! I remember the feeling of relief that my daughters finally did it…and remember how proud they were of themselves!

  11. YAY!!! This is totally ok! Celebrate it up mom!

  12. Love your blog! I am the girl who bought the first couture camera strap…the yellow and gray one…the one we were e-mailing each other back and forth at like 2 in the morning about =) Anyway, stumbled upon your blog somehow, and I was like "oh my goodness…it's the camera strap girl!!" Love your creativity!!

  13. that IS awesome!

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