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More Vegas.


Another blog post!  I like it!  :)

I sat on my couch tonight and made myself edit pictures.  I am so consumed with orders that so many things, including my blog become an after thought.  I don’t mean for it to be that way.  But it is what it is.  I am trying to be better about it.  My girls come back on Friday, so I won’t have the time I have now.  I am trying to take advantage of that!

So… how about more pictures from Vegas?  :)

I loved the Venetian!  It was like I walked out of Vegas and into Italy.  

I about died over these umbrellas hanging in the mall of the Venetian.  
I just LOVED them!!!

Then there were the dolphins at The Mirage.  :)  I adore dolphins.  I mean.  How could you not?!

I want to swim with dolphins.  Maybe one day.  :)

The Mirage also has many other exotic animals.  Tigers, Alpacas, Lions, a panther and more!  So amazing to see these WHITE lions there.  Of course they also had white tigers there as well.  So baby tigers too.  So adorable.  Unfortunately all of the other animals besides the lions were too far away or behind something for me to get a picture.

And here is a ginormous bridge they are building over the Hoover Dam.  This bridge was just huge.  I can’t even express the sheer bigness of it.
That’s all for now!!
How is your week so far, my friends?


  1. GREAT pictures! I have always wanted to go to Vegas! Have a great week!


  2. Those umbrellas are perfect!

  3. Love those hanging umbrellas…love!!

  4. I LOVE those umbrellas!!

  5. SO awesome! I have never been to Vegas and REALLY want to go, especially after seeing your pics!!

  6. Very cool pics! I went to vegas when I was in my 20s. Great weather
    and lavish casino resorts…I stayed at the Aladdin.

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