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hello my friends.

i am so excited to share a few great things with you.  so, my friend erin (yes, the vintage pearl) and i have put our heads together and came up with something so friggin cool for you!  a really sweet addition to make your camera straps and cameras that much more fabulooous (said in a sing song voice).  :)  introducing the . . . “stamp your strap” option:

this option will be available very soon.  if you would leave me some feedback on which one you would actually want on your strap, whether it’s “this camera belongs to ______” (which you would write your name/alias/phone #/whatever on the line in sharpie) or “this camera belongs to ‘insert name here’ or just your name.  keep in mind that the ones with your name actually stamped on there will take much longer to ship to you.  i am going by erin’s turnaround time and we all know how crazy amazing busy she is.  ;)  i will have pricing info for you within the next couple of days.  so… what say you, my friends? like?

here are a couple new camera strap covers in the store…

Wildflower Ruffle

Modern Bouquet

meanwhile… i am getting super excited!  1 week from this exact moment i will be on a plane to nyc for the blogher conference… admittedly, i won’t be attending most of the sessions.  only 2 interested me… but, it’s nyc people.  i will not be bored!  :)

also, a small miracle happened today… we got rain!  and not just rain, but a monsoon.  the monsoon last about 10 minutes and then the rain slowed, but continued for several hours. we haven’t had rain in nearly 3 months, hence the small miracle comment.

what have you been up to?



  1. ohhh i LOVE the idea of personalizing your camera strap with a stamp!!! wish i was going to blogher so i could meet you and soo many other amazing bloggers!!

  2. LOVE!!!!!! The middle one is my fave!!!! and that new ruffle – gorg!!!

  3. thats such a great idea. i like the one thats has just your name. you gals are so creative.

  4. LOVE the middle one (“this camera belongs to shey b”)!!!!! Wonderful idea! :)

  5. Loving this new addition to your straps! ;0)
    I have purchase one almost 1 y 1/2 ago to go with my new Rebel… and Now I guess it will be a good time to get a new one! Love all your “couture” type ones (BEAUTIFUL) and the ruffles ones are by far my fav!
    I would go all the way and get my name on it like the second style posted in your pictures.

  6. I love the first one with just your name, but I’m not sure that ‘Frankenberger’ would fit.. HAHA! They are all very cute! What an excellent idea!

  7. I like the middle one, too!

  8. I still can’t believe this. Shey! (no joke.) Just the other day, I was reading Erin’s (tvp) blog… then jumped over here to yours – and it just came to me: “they should collaborate on silver labels for the straps.” I was going to email you…Then… yesterday you posted this on twitter!! aaah!! Crazy (and… I love it!)

  9. While I adore the one that states “this camera belongs to shey b”, I also realize that my name of choice “PickleSugarPlum” would probably not fit in the 3rd row, so I would probably just have my name on the top one!

    I think the bottom one is great, too, especially if you ever plan to get a new strap cover and gift the old one, you can use a magic eraser to remove YOUR name, and write in your Giftee’s name! This would not be the one I would choose, simply because it would be too easy for someone to wipe my name off and put their own. Just my thoughts!

  10. I really like the tag that has just the name (the first one). It would be attached to my strap, which is attached to my camera. So I don’t need the ‘this camera belongs to’ part. Fabulous idea!

  11. I just found you, and you have a great blog, not to mention all the great creations! I look forward to coming back!

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