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Mockingjay Preface:

Against all odds, Katniss Everdeen has survived the Hunger Games twice. But now that she’s made it out of the bloody arena alive, she’s still not safe, in the powerful and haunting final installment of Collins’s groundbreaking The Hunger Games trilogy.

My Thoughts:

I was REALLY disappointed.  Here is why…

The thing that bothered me the most was at the end when Katniss talks about her relationship with Gale and how she basically equates it to pathetic.  She also says Gale’s love is “fire, kindled with rage and hatred.”  I hate that statement because I do not feel Gale harbors hatred towards her or even Peeta.  I believe Gale’s hatred is for Snow and Coin and for all of the people that try and take control of their lives.  He wants so badly to be free of it all and I believe Gale loved Katniss wholeheartedly.  I do disagree with her falling for Peeta.  While inevitable I suppose, he tried to kill her almost that entire book and then BAM!  after a couple months he’s cured?  Ridiculous!  I know it states he still has moments of rage and urges to kill Katniss, which seems completely stupid that she would trust him enough.  Just sayin’.  She has a really hard time trusting anyone throughout the book, but suddenly it’s ok to trust this.

I think Gale should have been left out of the series completely.  He has done nothing but be there for Katniss and the book just ends.. no goodbye.  No nada from Gale.  What was the point of him in there?  Just to provide a love triangle?  Just to have us have “teams”?  Weird.  And when she blames Gale for the bomb that killed those children I was disgusted.  It was so easy for her to point the blame at everyone else, but did she ever once realize her actions had consequences too?  Time to grow up Katniss!

I feel like this book really made Katniss’ character different from the other 2 books.  A lot different.  She was so incredibly emotional in this book.  And very indecisive.  With everything.  I don’t think that is all bad, but it just seemed like such a drastic change from before that I found myself wondering why she made the decisions she did.  The other books I didn’t have such thoughts.  She did not seem like she was in full control over herself.  More like she left others influence her a lot.  This to me was quite distracting.  She is the FACE of the revolution!  But I found that she really lost a lot of her strength by all of her self doubt and her untrust of those close to her. (is untrust even a word?) I feel she was very manipulated by District 13 – NOT Snow.  She was always reacting to everyone else’s decisions instead of ACTING!  She always acted on her decisions before but now it’s suddenly changed.  I felt like she was weaker mentally because of the Hunger Games instead of stronger, which I thought she would have been.

Katniss lets herself be used by District 13 in order to fulfill the role of the Mockingjay.  And then finds herself being controlled, and used for other’s gain.  She again lets her decision be made for her instead of making it completely on her own.  She doesn’t make the decision to be the Mockingjay for HERSELF.  She does it so she can get the other victor’s back. COME ON!  Own your decision!  Do it for yourself.  Do it because you WANT to be the face to something as big as the revolution not because you feel pressured or feel it’s the only way to get something you want.  I feel like so much of the fight in Katniss died in book 2.  Katniss has the power to own up to being the Mockingjay!  She is the most influential person out there.  I was hoping by mid book she would be leading in her role of Mockingjay and owning it.  But instead you see her being used for District 13’s gain.  The most she does is lead a group of rebels into the Capital on her mission to kill Snow.  These rebels she is “leading” then begin to die left and right in incredibly gruesome deaths.

When she FINALLY makes it to Snow’s mansion I found myself relieved!  Maybe I can relax now.  Once Katniss arrives in the outer parts of the Capital this book just goes from one gory death to the next.  So I finally thought I could get a break.  No.  Unfortunately Suzanne Collins finds it necessary to have a scene where children – TODDLERS are blown up!  BLOWN UP people.  At this point I was tempted to just throw the book across the room.  WHY DID SHE NEED TO PUT THAT IN THERE?  Oh and just when you can finally take a shaky breath after reading that, what happens?  Prim is blown up right in front of Katniss!  This leads to Katniss getting burns as well, which leads into her recovering and seeming to go mad.  She takes a vow of silence to honor Prim… would this have honored Prim?  NO!  Since she did all of this to save Prim I would say that Prim probably would have been bummed that Katniss let her mind take over and get her 1 inch shy of insanity.

But, oh!  When she finally does decide to voice her opinion on something it’s to cast a vote to have ANOTHER Hunger Games as a way to get revenge on the Capital’s people.  At this point lighting this book on fire was not entirely out of the question.  I mean HOW COULD she want that?  After everything she went through.  Not 1 but 2 Hunger Games.  And the horrific things she witnessed.  How could she want that for anyone’s children?  I was so very disgusted with voting yes to another Hunger Games.  Fortunately Snow manages to say something to her about Coin.  He makes her really THINK about things.  The only gift he ever gave her.  So, the day of Snow’s execution, she ends up killing Coin instead of Snow!  Hallelujah!  She made her own decision!  And a right one at that.  She knows that Snow is going to die within minutes anyway because of the blood and noises coming out of his mouth.  This part I was practically cheering!

Then comes her trial for killing Coin.  And once the trial is over she is shipped back to District 12.    Once again… she isn’t making any decisions for herself.  I did, however, kinda like that District 12 was given another chance.  Those that ended up going back were given a 2nd chance.  Again, Peeta comes back to District 12, and is suddenly cured.  Katniss chooses Peeta and 15 years later she and Peeta have a couple kids, which is only does FOR PEETA.  Not for herself.

I also noted that Katniss didn’t even say goodbye to her own mother!  Ugh.  Hugely disappointed in this book.  Stop at book 2.  Book 3 is gore filled nonsense.

So, people.  What say you?


  1. I loved the fact of the book mixed things up a bit. It’s not what you were expecting, at all. It kept me guessing the entire time and situations went the exact opposite way you were assuming they would. I couldn’t put it down. It held my attention the entire time. I’m glad she didn’t end up with Gale. Everyone went on to do things they love. Her mom w/ the hospital, Gale working in 2, Peeta w/ Katiss and herself in 12. Overall, I LOVED it and LOVED the way it ended!

  2. Agreed. I felt the author handled Gale’s character development horribly. As well as most of the other characters. I guess this type of content just wasn’t her forte?
    Also, the whole “new hunger games” thing? So she cries the whole book about Gale wanting to improve their chances of winning the war, but then she’s fine with putting children – children – into the reason she decided to never have kids? Here’s your sign girl.

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