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HUGE GIVEAWAY! Of The Creative Estates Variety!!!

So, by now you’ve heard of this Creative Estates Conference I am putting together with some amazing woman, right?  Right!  Well… we have a huge surprise in store for one of you!  We are …






CONFERENCE PASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You’re wondering if this is a joke?  Heck no!  I don’t joke about awesome things like this, my friends!  This is FOR REAL!  If you’ve never heard of the Creative Estates Conference, click here.  This is a $189 value!  (hotel and flight are not included in this giveaway)


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Leave a comment here telling us why you would love to win this ticket.  (in order to win you must attend the conference.  No re-sale)

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  1. i would LOVE to win.

    i have a crafty blog. i love to create! i think this conference is an awesome idea AND it’s about time that a conference is totally devoted to crafty/diy-ers. PLUS i would love to meet the famous jen at tatertots & jello!


  2. I live here in Phx and would LOVE the opportunity to go to the conference.

  3. i already follow them on twitter.

  4. i just “liked” on FB

    p.s. i wouldn’t mind meeting you as well! ;)

  5. Stop it! I can’t believe you’re giving one away!!!! I would love to come because I want to meet all the AWESOME handmade ladies that I connect with on Twitter and the such and be inspired by their awesomeness. I want to attend fantastic classes and learn to up my game when it comes to being a handmade business. And I want to meet SheyB :)

  6. i follow creative estates blog

  7. I follow the Creative Estates blog

  8. I follow Creative Estates on twitter

  9. I follow your awesome blog.

  10. oh my gosh! is this for real?

    this is why i want/need to win:

    when we return to the states from teaching abroad, we will be coming back to no jobs and no place to live. this was part of the “cost” of going and we knew what we were getting ourselves into, but it’s scary nonetheless. when i first heard about creative estates, i knew i needed to go, it could be huge for my business & i want to soak in all the blog goodness & wisdom that would be shared! more than that, it was an opportunity to share my handmade shop at the marketplace & expand my customer base/network. however, my husband will be attending seminary when we return and i will be working a full time job. i didn’t see how it was feasible to 1. buy the ticket. 2. buy the plane ticket. 3. buy a hotel room when i would be working a full time job and have no idea about our budget and income. however, i told chase…if there was a way to raise the money or get a free ticket, it will be obvious that i’m supposed to go and i need to do it!

    did you ask for an essay? nope! but i gave it to you anyways ;)

    crossing my fingers!!

  11. i follow the blog :)

  12. i like on facebook! :) ((DUH!))

  13. tweet tweet! i follow on twitter :)

  14. I follow you on Twitter!

  15. Would love to win to meet creative people who inspire me.

  16. Follow the Creative Estates blog

  17. Like Creative Estates on facebook – Charlene G

  18. follow Creative Estates on twitter @Btrflywmn

  19. i would LOVE to go to this conference! it would be such a great time to network with all my favorite blogger-rockstars! :)

  20. i’m now following the blog :)

  21. and i’m now linked up with the fb page :)

  22. This is awesome! I follow Creative Estates on Twitter.

  23. I follow Creative Estates on Facebook.

  24. I live in AZ and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to come…Money is my issue right now so if i just had to pay for a room…i could handle that…haha…would LOVE to win!!!

  25. I follow creatives estates blog

  26. i would love the opportunity to meet so many peeps and be in one place where i could be surround by inspiration!

  27. i follow creative estats on twitter

  28. I want this!! I am rather new to the blog scene and NEED to get out and meet my fabulous blogging friends!! You know the ones crazy enough to build, maintain, create day in and day out all for our glorious readers.

    Kisses from the WhipperChicks

  29. I want to win this so bad…I’m dragging my feet on registering because I live in Indiana and am afraid to commit to such an investment but REALLY want to build relationships in the crafting community. I hope I win!

  30. I follow the blog via google reader

  31. “Liked” the giveaway on facebook

  32. Following on Twitter!

  33. I would love to win this because I work full time, but would love to learn more about doing what I love as a business out of my house! What a blessing that would be!

  34. I am DEFINITELY a follower…read every post on Google Reader.

  35. o win this would be the extra help I need. Good luck to all!


  36. Just liked you on facebook! Oh I’m really crossing my fingers!

  37. I would love to win the conference pass! I, just like Kim above, am returning to the States in just a short time after living overseas for 1.5 years. We don’t have jobs lined up, except that I’ve been feeling more and more like I’m supposed to open up my own eco-craft business. Attending the Creative Estates conference would be an aaaaaaawwwwwwweeeeessssssooooommmmmmmeeeee way of getting inspired, putting more tools in my toolbox, and connecting with others doing the same thing!

    Thanks so much for offering this giveaway!

  38. I would love to win because I love to sew and scrapbook and I want to come learn what I can do to make my hobbies my career.

  39. I follow the Creative Estates blog.

  40. I follow Creative Estates on FB!

  41. I follow on Twitter and retweeted (RKILP)

  42. I follow your blog now. Thanks!

  43. I would LOVE to win this! As a newbie sewer/etsy shop owner I would love to be in the presence of some of the fabulous talent that will be at Creative Estates. What a brilliant idea Shey!

  44. Following Creative Estates blog!


  45. Creative Estates FB fan!


  46. I would love to win this pass! I am a crafty foodie blogger and would just love the chance to network and learn from others! Thanks for the opportunity.

  47. My creativity needs resusitation! Stress and life changes have dried up my creative juices. I would love to win this to get a jumpstart!

  48. I would LOVE the opportunity to attend this event! It would be amazing!!!!

  49. I am now following the Creative Estates blog

  50. I’m a Creative Estates Facebook fan now too!

  51. I’d love to win!! I am a follower! Thanks for the opportunity.

  52. I am also following Creative Estates on Twitter and I tweeted the giveaway!

  53. I’ve always been a super crafty/creative type and now that I am a SAHM, I’m trying to launch it into a business. I would love to attend and learn and grow!

  54. I would love to win! I already live in Arizona, so that’s the easy part:) I am just getting into blogging and this whole crafty business. Would love to be inspired by other likeminded women! I follow on facebook as well.

  55. i’m a follower and would LOVE a chance to win! Looks like an amazing event & I’m just a drive away or a short flight, thanks!

  56. I would so love to attend, but can’t convince my husband and in laws to help with the kids along with the cost of ticket and getting there. But if the magic words “I won a free pass” come out they would rally and I could totally go! Amazing what the word “free” can do! Also we used to live in Chandler and my best-est friend EVER is still there so I have a free and fun place to stay! Oh, along with the fact that my sister is moving there in January! Crazy!

  57. following the Creative Connection blog!

  58. Following Creative Connection on Twitter

  59. liked Creative connection on Facebook!

  60. I already emailed you…you know why I would love to come! :)

  61. I want to go, please!! I LOVE crafts, sewing etc. and blogging and what better way to put it all in one place? Plus my best friend lives in Chandler and then I could see her!!

  62. I follow on facebook :)

  63. I follow in my google reader :)

  64. Just ‘liked’ you on FB. I can’t wait to win :) ;)

  65. Just retweeted too! Looking forward to it!!!!

  66. Just subscribed to this blog … I get your personal blog updates already. I’m determined to win this puppy!! Hehe!!

  67. To be able to network with so many creative, inspiring people would be a dream come true. This sounds like it would be an answer to so many of my questions. This event sounds amazing.

  68. Like on Facebook…Now following you!

  69. I’m planning on attending, but being a supremely thrifty gal, a free pass would be the cherry on this delectable cake. :)

  70. I’m a FB follower of the Creative Estates page.

  71. I’m a follower of the Creative Estates blog.

  72. I’ll be blogging about the conference later today. Thanks for this opportunity! I think it’ll be a blast!

  73. I would love to win this ticket! I would be an amazing networking opportunity for me and a chance to learn great ways to grow my blog and my business. I really hope I win because I can’t afford to go otherwise.

  74. I’m a new blog follower of TCE

  75. i would LOVE to go to this conference for soo many reasons… so buckle your seatbelts, here we go…

    1) i LOVE blogger meetups, and if we are all in one place, i could meet everyone!!
    2) i am just starting out with my etsy shop and i feel like creative estates would be a great place to promote it!
    3) i would use my bonus money to buy a ton of crafts made by my fellow crafty blogger friends and new friends i meet!


    hope i win!

  76. i do follow the creative estates blog!

  77. i would LOVE to win because i’m thinking of going anyways so it’d be great to save a little money so that i have money to spend at the handmade market! and i’d LOVE to meet-up with some of my blog-friends. im also so eager to learn from the best out there. it just sounds like a blast!!

  78. following on twitter as muchloveilly!

  79. and i am following on the fbook page!!

  80. AND following the blog!!! (gah im so giddy about this!!)

  81. Reason’s I’d LOVE to win:
    1. I’m in AZ
    2. I’ve never been to a conference
    3. Sounds amazing
    4. I REALLY need to get out of the house ;)

  82. I follow the Creative Estates Blog

  83. I am a fan of Creative Estates on Facebook

  84. I would love to win a pass! I think it is amazing that you are putting this on w/ the focus on creating. I feel like this is where I would belong!!

  85. I follow on Twitter AND tweeted :)

  86. I am now following the blog!!

  87. I am a fan on your facebook page!!

  88. I follow on Twitter and retweeted!! So excited about the conference!

  89. I live in Chandler and am DYING to go! I am really wanting to grow my etsy shop, and think attending would really give me a lot of insight, plus, it’s right in my own backyard so it is affordable!

  90. Following the CE blog!

  91. I WOULD DIE IF I WON!!!!!!!!!! :) I want to go to this so so soooooo badly, meet like-minded creative people, and visit the handmade market! This is SO my kind of thing, and being fairly close in San Diego makes it that much better! BUT, money is tight being a single momma and Etsy shop owner, so this would seriously be UH-MAZING. I am keeping my fingers crossed SO tightly for this, eek!!! :) Thank you SO much for the chance to win- I know *someone* will be so lucky to win this!!
    xoxox Holly

  92. And I already follow your Creative Estates blog, of course! :)
    xoxox Holly

  93. I’m now a facebook follower! :)
    xoxox Holly

  94. Already a Twitter follower, and I retweeted for you as well, yay!!!
    xoxox Holly

  95. I already subscribe via Google Reader!

  96. I’d LOVE to attend and learn as we are building our new handmade/online business!!

    Plus I’d get to meet you, SHEY!

    And visit friends who moved to Glendale last year!

  97. I already follow on facebook!

  98. I mentioned Creative Estates in my last blog post!!

  99. Winning this Giveaway would be AAAMMMAAAAAAZING (to quote my 3 year old)!!!! I. Love. to. Craft. And, I have a new Etsy shop which I would love to grow with what all I can learn at this conference. And coming to AZ means I could see a great friend (also crafty and I’m sure entered in this giveaway) that I haven’t seen in over ten years.


  100. I’m now a follower on FB.

  101. I’m now a follower on Twitter.

  102. i would love to attend the conference!! i adore crafting and supporting handmade, plus i can’t think of a more fun way to spend a few days this spring!

  103. Oh my – sounds perfect.
    I would love to win this ticket because:
    1 – it would save me from having a “fundraiser” to raise the funds to attend
    2 – Becky Higgins will be there
    3 – a Friend from Virginia, who I haven’t seen in over 10 years, offered to fly out here and go with me. :)
    4 – and I absolutely LOVE creative people – I want to hang out with them and meet every single one of them.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  104. My favorite city and some of my favorite bloggers!!

  105. I follow the Creative Estates Blog!

  106. I follow the Creative Estates Facebook Fan Page!


  107. I follow Creative Estates on Twitter too!

  108. I am a follower of The Creative Estates Blog!

  109. I am a ‘fan’ on Facebook.

  110. I follow CE on Twitter too!

  111. I would soooo love to win this! I’ve already signed up….but could surely win this registration & gift my other to other creative friends!

  112. I love all things creative! I would LOVE to win this. :)

  113. I want to go to the Creative Estates conference so bad, but I can’t get the hubby to fly me across the US to go. If I won a ticket…he’d have to. Right?

  114. I follow the Creative Estates blog.

  115. I follow Creative Estates on Twitter.