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It’s been quiet around these parts… haven’t gotten many comments… what’s up peeps?  I miss hearing from you!  :)

Random things today…

Starting the process of having CAMERA BAGS made and ready in time for Christmas!!  They should be out by early November and will be READY TO SHIP!  *insert huge grin here*  Any last requests before my designs are complete?  I have many features in line already that I know you all will be excited about.  1 hint?  You’ll be able to customize the bag a bit – any time you want.  Stay tuned for that!

We have a new sponsor this week!  Check out Scrapbook Circle!  You like scrapbooking?  Well, do NOT miss checking out this website!!  Lisa owns Scrapbook Circle and has sponsored every post for the week.  Thanks Lisa!

If you’d like to sponsor a week of posts to advertise your business or blog, email me anytime.  shealynn [at] gmail [dot] com

I will be starting a new workout program next week.  I want to try it out for a couple of weeks before I start bragging about it.  But I am really excited.  I need to lose weight and get my body back into shape!  I am lazy by default, so to say I hate working out is a pretty massive understatement.  But, I hate being overweight more, and this exercise involves hip hop dancing, so goodbye flab and hello fab!  Time to kick the lazy to the curb already!  I am starting it on Monday and will let you know how it goes!  :)

Yes I totally just admitted that I am lazy and hate working out.  Keepin’ it real people.  haha!

My birthday sale is officially over.  My business is now over 2 years old.  Here’s to another crazy beautiful year!  That goes for life and business.

Have you heard Jason Derulo’s album?  I am listening to it right now.  Ummm, I kinda love it!

Did I happen to share the picture I snapped of the brand new Abercrombie model that was at the Abercrombie store on 5th Ave. in NY?  I didn’t?  Shame on me.

Sorry!  The picture isn’t that great!  It was taken with my iPhone.  But you get the point.  He was really cute!!  There was a line a couple blocks long.  Girls waiting in line to get a picture with the new model.  I just stood at a window and snapped a quick picture.  ;)

I need to put aside some time to sew some things for my girls and myself.  I am wanting to make throw pillows for my front room couches.  And eventually I want to make throw pillows for the back room couches that are used more often.  Skirts are wanted by my girls as well as some dresses.   Lots of little projects that I need to do in my spare time.  SPARE TIME?!  *enter very loud obnoxious guffaw here*.  I will have to Make this time.  Hmmm.  Should be interesting.  ;)  Are any of you working on super cool projects right now?  Show me show me show me!  :)

I am working on new camera strap cover designs as about half of my store will be stripped 1 month from today.  Remember most things are LIMITED EDITION.  Scroll down a couple posts to see what will remain in my store.  I am only talking about camera strap covers… no other product will be removed, but the fabric choices won’t be the same.  If you want to be all matchy matchy, order now before it’s too late.  ;o)

OK, I am starving.  I need to go before I start chewing my arm off.  Just kidding!  But for real… leave me a comment!  How are you?


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  1. I had ice cream for lunch : )

  2. I know what you mean by working out. I love the sedentary lifestyle. Sit me in a lounging chair, give me a computer, and I’m set! And I have a hard time changing my eating habits. Like today, my boy and I filled up on meats, cheeses, and crackers for lunch. And we didn’t go easy on them either.

    Good luck with slimming down. There’s a #twitloss on twitter I follow.

  3. I can’t wait to see your new products!! I ordered a camera strap cover and i-phone holder during your New York sale. Can’t wait to get them!!

  4. I miss book club :( Waiting to get my hands on Mockingjay, hopefully this weekend..

    I am excited to hear about your new work out plan, as for now all I do in wakl the lake and maybe a little wii fit.

  5. I’m here… sorry that everyone else has been as quiet as me! I guess this is what happens when we are “swamped” with other things! Happy Thursday, and can’t wait to see your new products!

  6. Okay girl, I SO thought he was a Barbie doll! Before I read it, I saw the pic. Wow. The pants… uh, a bit too low. But whatever. ha! Have a good nite chickie! Sponsored posts? I like it. Email me details puhlease. Thx mucho. xo

  7. Happy Birthday! I love your blog and am now a follower! great stuff!! :D

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