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A Birthday Party For Zoe


So, this is late, but here is the post about Zoe’s birthday party.  This was her first ever birthday party, and she had a blast!  We’ve never really done big birthday parties for our girls too early, because, let’s face it… they will never remember a birthday party with a pinata or fancy decorations or tons of guests with presents when they’re 2.  So we waited to throw a party for Zoe when she might remember it.  :)

I was very busy, and therefore didn’t have much time to go all out when it came to decorations, but Zoe couldn’t have cared less.  I really could have just made cupcakes and had out a bowl of Cheetos and she would have been thrilled.  haha.  It’s funny how we as parents get all panicked about the small things, but really, our children don’t really need a bunch.  Being the center of attention, singing them happy birthday with a candle in their cupcake, and being with a few little friends is all they want.

Anyway… here are some pictures of her fun day.

No cake this year.  Just cupcakes.  She loved them.

The day of of the party I skipped Angelina’s soccer game and made some pendant banners for Zoe’s party.  When she got home with daddy, she couldn’t stop giggling about “all” of her decorations that mama made.  I loved seeing that something as simple as pendants could bring out such incredible excitement.

There really was no theme, so we just threw things together.

Happy Birthday dear Zoe!  Happy Birthday to you… “make a wish Zoe!”

Opening her presents… :)

And this is Zoe’s Best Friend.  Her name is Taya.  She is adorable and they seriously are inseparable at school.  They’re in the same class.

And that’s it!  When the party was over, Zoe told me she had fun at her party.  And that it was “the best day ever”.  :)


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  1. awwww all the little girls are adorable!! and those cupcakes are such perfect treats!! :D

  2. Chocolate cake yum!! great party photos.

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