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I am so excited to share 2 new products with you all!  These have been a long time coming for sure… but time has been extremely limited since January.  Today I decided to take the day and run some errands {my girls needed clothes} and then I came home and dedicated some time to making these products… take a look see…

*Shey*[B] no longer just makes camera strap covers!  We now also make…

Actual camera straps!  They are 45 inches long too, so they can sling across your body.  They are listed in my store and I have enabled you to pick your own fabric, so I likely wont be listing a ton of camera straps with different fabrics.  Just pick what you would like and let me know in Paypal’s “Note to Merchant”.  Easy peasy!

Next up, and this is a biggie.  I have had so many requests for this item, seriously.  Next to requests for camera bags, this one takes the cake… what is it?  See for yourself…

Wrist Straps are now available in my store!  How sweet is that?!  :)  I have had a TON of requests for wrist straps.  So, you ask, and I have delivered.  The wrist straps also have a quick release buckle, so you can buy several and attach them quickly!  Just unclip the buckle and snap on another one.  Simple!  Know what?  You don’t have to have an SLR camera to use these either!  They work with point and shoot cameras too!  Woo hoo!  These also work the same way as the camera straps.  They are pick your own fabric as well.

So… whatcha think?



  1. I am so excited for your new straps! I won A DSLR strap from Dana at MADE, but don’t have my fancy schmancy camera yet, so this will be perfect. Definitely, adding this to the Christmas List for the hubby! Fab work friend!

    XOXO Jenni

  2. I love that wrist strap! Very cute.

  3. LOVING the wrist strap! Wiping off the drool now! Super cute!

  4. shey! i am so excited about your new products. i need to figure out what new camera i am going to get and now I don’t have to worry about being left out if i didn’t have a dslr as I thought that is all you sold-but now if I get a point and shoot i could get one of your products even still. :)yay! ;0gina

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