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Getting Me Through Today


This loveliness in a red mug is getting me through my day today.  I bought a Tassimo machine a couple weeks ago to replace our broken Keurig.  And I am in love with this coffee!  If you know me, you know that that is absolutely shocking news.

I am sewing my fingers to the bone lately.  Have sent out almost 200 orders in the last 8 days.  And there are over 150 more that need to get done!  I’ve cried a little, but I am trying to just stay focused.  I have ZERO time to answer emails right now.  Your orders ARE being mailed in time for Christmas AS LONG as you ordered on or before NOVEMBER 27TH! Please be patient with me as I try and sew all day and all night for the next several days.

What gets you through the insane busy days?


  1. Well sew away…I have recently ordered two from you and they are quite nice. AND I get allot of compliments as your website is my little secret. BUT I really am sharing your story. Good luck, and take a little breather to …they will wait. Merry Christmas:)

  2. The thought of snuggling with my husband and daughter at the end of the day. And LOTS of coffee or cokes.

  3. oh girl! i am stressed beyond my imagination and i just try to breathe and concentrate on little accomplishments. hang in there! you will get through it and this too shall pass. :0gina

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