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A Challenge With YOUR Name All Over It? – – giveaway? —


I hope this blog post title got your ears to perk up.  What’s it about?  You see, here’s the thing, I love coming up with new designs.  Love it more than you know.  But sometimes I want to know what YOU all would die to have on a camera strap/cover or A CAMERA BAG {coming in February}.  That’s where this challenge comes in.  Here’s the deal… go to Hawthorne Threads and/or Above All Fabric.  Pick your favorite fabric(s).  However many you like.  Come back here {with the links} and tell me your favorites.  If you’d like to see a ruffle added, let me know.  Be specific.  :)  If I choose your fabric/combinations I will *name* the strap and/or camera bag after you!  Yep, that’s right!  A camera strap/cover and/or bag will be named after YOU!

So, go on!  Get to choosin’!  :)  Let’s see how many suggestions you can give me, people!  Don’t be shy.  I may choose a few of you!!

EDITED TO ADD: Let’s sweeten the deal a little.  :)  If I choose your design, not only will I name it after you, but you will WIN that design in a camera strap cover!  So, you could win your own {named after you} design!  Ready?  Go!



  1. Such a fun challenge! X3

    so many pretty and cute fabrics to choose from~ ek~

    um… I’d like to combine the following:

    Fabric 1: Outer layer

    Fabric 2: Fabric rose (either one end of the strap or on both ends)

    Fabric 3: Inner layer

    Thanks! X3

  2. This is a fun challenge! I just got my first dslr and a strap cover is the first thing I bought for it. Can’t wait to get my argyle cover!
    Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing your bags when they come out, since that is next on my list.

    I adore “my minds eye” fabrics so I’d love to see a bag or strap cover using these two fabrics:

    outside of bag or one side of strap:

    inside of bag or other side of strap:

  3. Let’s see:

    Outer: Maeve – Periwinkle JP41
    Inner: Maritza – Fuchsia JP43
    Decoration: Maybe a pink linen ruffle of some sort?

    For those manly types:
    Just a plain acorn chain and nap sack in lake.

    Outer: Pure Ampersand – Natural
    Inner: Make Life Simple – Earth
    And some kind of contrasting roses or some such

    Eh, I’m horrible at picking fabric online. :D

  4. Woohoo! A chance for a free sheyb strap? ::lurve::

    Strap/Bag outer fabric:

    For the inside of a bag one of these 2:

    On the camera strap match an Ivory or Light Pink Nylon Chiffon double ruffle/rosettes. I get mine here:

    {Oh dear me… if you don’t make this I am just gonna HAVE to.} :D TOO cute for Springtime… oh and if this makes it to a bag it would be PERFECT to go with the gray boots that trend-like hitting shelves right now.

    See what you did!? LOL

  5. OK… fun! I am in love with Anna Maria Horner’s “Little Folks” line… especially this print! I adore the Scandinavian style of the cross-stitch print. I would love to see this on a bag with a coordinating minky interior:

    With this minky:

    (or the mango- I can’t tell if the color in the print is more yellow or green) or the charcoal minky because I’m obsessed with gray!

    Since I love the print, I wouldn’t want to hide it with a ruffle… but since I do love a little bit of pizazz, an applique or twisted flower in this print would be a lovely addition!

    This combo along with a matching camera strap and I’ll be set! I would carry that bag with me everywhere… OK, now I want! Haha. I’m really excited to see what your bags will look like, Shey!

    And it could be appropriately named “LimeFlower” after my photography business! Sha-ZAM!

  6. Ohh Shey you are too generous, what a cool giveaway!

    I loooove this print:

    For the base of a strap and bag, but also to use for accent couture rosettes.

    And this beauty for a ‘ruffle’, possibly bag strap and liner:

    Cannot wait to see your bags, I’m sure they are gonna be fab!

    XOXO Jenni

  7. Love the colors in Tossed Flowers in Cream. I’m not a ruffle kind of girl, so a simple strap for me.
    Awesome giveaway :)

  8. I love all the Hawthorne Threads designs. Some of my favorites are:
    1) Mini Ironwork in Turqoise
    2) Trees in Orange
    3) Big Plain Jane in Gray
    4) Collage Stripes in Sunrise
    5) Wild dots in Natural

    I think several of those could go together to make an awesome reversible strap.

    I also LOVE some of the Japenese Imports designs because they remind me of traveling! Bicycles in Purple and Cameras in Purple are my favorites.

    Can’t wait to see the new designs coming in your store!

  9. Main Strap Fabric or Bag Fabric: Celery Daisy Path with the Strap Ruffle or Second Fabric for the Bag: Celery Paper Snowflake

    ( )

  10. I just spent way to much time looking at fabric, guess the dishes will get cleaned later. Ok, I had to look at some other sites because I had some ideas but couldn’t find what I was going for on the 2 sites listed so here is one and I am still looking for the ideal fabrics This with'2‘,’1’&icatidntr=’2’,’1’&icatidwtr=&icatidwbt=&icatidwnewtr=&icatidwac=&shortdes=&vcolor=’Pink’&vpattern=&vapplication=&pricerange=&onsale=&newarrival=&custfav=&closeout=&wholesale=&pagelimit=24&page=1&keyword=&topmatmsvalms= another favorite inspired by the boudoir bed and bedding.

    I am not affiliated with the site referenced, I just found it last night and love it.

    • FYI…We aren’t really GQ people, but a free subscription got sent to my husband, which is where I saw photos from the fashion show. He would never wear anything from the actual collection, most of it was midriff shirts for men, um no thanks but I liked the color combos.

  11. Also all of these I chose based on what they would look like as camera straps.

  12. This with some of these Although, those type of flowers may get snagged easily so maybe the felt flowers you make.

  13. I love fabric! Its all so enticing! Its like scrapbook paper…can’t get enough! :) and I already love all your stuff, can’t wait to see a bag!!! YUMMAY!!!! :)

    Here are some of my favorite fabrics

  14. This could be fun for the right person with this That might be my last one, but I am having so much fun looking around.

  15. A camera bag! And a Camera Strap! To carry my new Canon in(hubby did good this xmas), will it have room to carry an extra lens?! And A Ruffle, yes! So when I’m toting said camera in new case, with convenient camera strap attached, while the family is out hunting,farming, tending cows,(I’m shooting pics)I can still look girlie?
    Can’t wait to see the case!

  16. Love this too!

    there are so many too choose from! Oh, the eye candy! :) I am loving all the ruffles and of course, I love the style of the pleated sage but add a flower embellishment. I love the big ruffles. I can’t seem to get enough! You should design a bag with the ruffles, and each ruffle be a different pattern of a coordinating color/pattern. I would love that. I saw one in a purse by Roxy, but it wasn’t “my” color. It was beige with orange flowers, but still SO cute. I bought the purse in solid black. Would love a bag that would hold a camera that was just as CUTE only functional! (I tried to find it online, but I can’t…here’s a link to the black one)

  17. OH MY LORD!!! HOW did I almost miss this!?!?

    I JUST bought my camera today!!! Fate? I THINK SO!!

    Okay okay… I just looked at about a billion fabrics and decided that my ideal camera strap will be classy, something I wouldn’t get sick of and girly enough that my boyfriend won’t want to steal my camera (hard earned money at work here!).

    THIS is what I came up with:
    OFFERED with the ruffle similar to the Valentino with velvet choices of turquoise, pink or green (like the pattern). I would choose turquoise (it’s my favourite colour).

    I guess I went more girly than planned.

    As for your bags… I’m not sure what they’ll look like… but this is what I would envision. I would want a medium brown leather bag with the flap divided into thirds (like a flag) offered with choices of fabric for the middle third. My fabric choice for the middle would be this:

    Turquoise yet again – such a beautiful colour :)

    P.S. I was the one that tweeted you yesterday about your new designs and somehow still missed this post!! (@amywithsmile)

  18. I keep coming back to this one it looks super fun This one too, it’s a little quiter but still fun.

  19. I like both of these two patterns. I think they’d be fun with a ruffle or even flowers in the red/pink colors. They would make cute strap covers, but also such fun bags!
    This might be my favorite and I think it needs to go with the minky in chocolate! What could be better than chocolate covered cherries! Definitely a strap cover!

  20. Here are my ideas!
    Hawthorne Threads – Monaluna line – Vive la France
    bag-outside Fleur de lis -denium and inside -La tour eiffel-denium.
    strap – Fleur dis lis -navy on one side and Le Jardin on the other – the beautiful fabric rosettes or a ruffle out of fleur de lis – red would be lovely on it.

  21. Not sure if I am too late to enter a design, but I love your camera strap covers. I have been wanting one for a while, but only just got my first D-SLR for Christmas. I ordered one right away (Ruffle Candy) but would love a second one! — for the top, perhaps with a peachy orange ruffle — for the bottom layer (I think these colors are the closest match, but it’s hard to tell online)


  22. I’ve still been thinking about this and just love the combinations that you put together. Are you ready for GroopDealz, that’s crazy. Any who, here is another one I like with a ruffle in something like a green corduroy or suede.

  23. I hope I’m not too late
    I would love to see a strap with
    steel gray as the base


    Papercut in Chartruese as the ruffle

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