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Have you ever watched a movie so inspiring it’s made you cry?  A movie so freaking awesome it has filled your heart with so much emotion you can’t help but cry big fat tears?  Secretariat.  Oh have mercy on my heart.  This movie was absolutely incredible!!  I am still getting teary just thinking about it.  This movie just blew me away.

I am watching this woman Diane Lane is playing {Penny Chenery Tweedy} and just going over and over in my head how inspiring she is.  This movie wasn’t just about her faith in her horse, Secretariat {Big Red}.  It was about her taking a risk.  A risk that almost got her divorced.  A risk that could have made her the laughing stock of the entire horse racing community.  A risk that she was willing to take, despite all the odds against her.

Despite how people treated her, and despite the odds against her, she pushed on.  She believed in her horse, her trainer, her jockey.  Despite her mother dying and her father soon after, she pushed on. Despite not having her family’s support at first, she pushed on.  She knew what she wanted, so she made it happen.  I love this Penny woman.  I love how she didn’t let life get her down; instead it made her stronger.

After the movie was over I kept thinking how much I want to be like Penny Chenery Tweedy.  Not the almost getting divorced part, of course.  But the part where she never gave up no matter what.  She believed in what she was doing.  She was so passionate about her horse that it radiated off of her.  So much that is was inspiring and incredibly awesome to watch.  I don’t care that this was a movie.  It was based on a true story.  Knowing this really happened just makes this movie even more amazing to me.  Many times I often look below the surface to find meaning in things.  The more I process it, the more I love it.

I want to channel the Penny in me everyday.  I want to look past those cruel rude people that talk badly about me or the events I am organizing.  And I will.  I will channel my inner Penny and know that I am better than those people out there that want to see me stumble and see my dreams come crashing down.  Because honestly, I BELIEVE.  I believe in myself, my dreams, my ideas, and my desires.  No matter how big or how small my dreams are, they are mine.  I will make them happen.  No matter what any other person/people say.  I believe God has great things in store for me, and no one can or will convince me otherwise.  These dreams are mine!

There are people out there that want nothing more than to see others fail.  But you know what?  They won’t.  Failure is a state of mind, a building block.  It’s nothing to fear.

Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement.– C.S. Lewis

“Without failure there is no sweetness in success. There’s no understanding of it.” -Glenn Beck

I will think about this movie often.  I will think about Penny often.  She achieved great success even amongst many failures.  She achieved so much even while those against her tried to make her dreams come crashing down.  Penny is awesome {she is still alive today and actually played an extra in this movie} and I believe anyone – no matter your profession, no matter your gender, no matter your position in life, can relate to Penny Chenery Tweedy.  And I for one will be here to cheer you on as well as myself!  Rock on my friends!  Follow your dreams, not matter how big or small.  Continue to inspire and be inspired.



  1. I could not agree more!! This movie touched me SO much and inspired me. I struggle A LOT right now with my dreams as my photography business is very slow to take off, BUT you are right. Penny is absolutely inspiring and it is people like her who make me persists in my dreams!! Someday I will get there!!!

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  3. Oh Shea… This brought me to tears. They’re actually streaming down my face right now.
    I have two dreams. I want to be able to make my childrens clothes, and my own clothes, and have them LAST (having trouble with that part, lol), and I want to be a professional photographer. I have had nothing but negative remarks from EVERYONE, including the people who are supposed to love me the most. I bought a sortof hand-me-down DSLR to learn with until I have the money to buy a decent one, and the comments are just getting worse. I’m wondering if it’s because my photos are getting better.

    So.. yeah. I really needed to read this. Thank you so much for posting, I’m adding this to our Netflix!

  4. I just don’t get why people are such haters. I mean – if you’re angry about injustice in the world, if you’re angry about harm coming to those you care about – I get that. But why hate on a person’s work?

    Pour out the haterade, folks.

    I’ve had moments like that with movies, music, books. Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder had that effect on me. It really solidified the fact that I feel I’m called to do work that betters the lives of the underserved. How exactly that will play out for the rest of my life, I’m not sure. But I do what I can, here and there, and have certain related goals in mind.

    GO YOU!!

  5. I have not yet seen this …. I must!! We live in the “Horse Capital of the World” (it’s actually in Florida, isn’t that crazy?) – so, I kinda should watch this… lol! Sounds amazing!

    p.s. you know I love the Glenn Beck quote ;)

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