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Rodney King once said, “Can’t we all just get along?”

We laughed it off.  Not really giving it much thought.  But right now, think about that question.  Can we?  ALL of us?

The bible says, “love your neighbor as yourself”.

Do we do this?  ALL the time?

One thing I get complimented on the most on this blog is how honest and real I am.  When I read those comments I always smile.  Because it makes me feel like you all know me.  You see.  This blog is me.  It may not always be pretty words and pictures, but that’s life, isn’t it?  Life isn’t always perfect.  Thank God for that.  For if things were constant perfection, how would we learn?  How would we grow and mature?  There would be no point.  Life is hard, but life is good.  I blog it like it is.  I like it like that.


My opinion on Can we all just get along?  No we can not.  We are all different.  And many times those differences cause problems.  I’ve seen a lot of judgement lately.  People judging other people without even knowing them.  People convincing others to not like others just because they are different, have a different outlook on things or have a different take on life.  How is this ok?

My opinion on loving our neighbor as ourselves… nope.  Not always.  I have seen a lot of love lately.  So much love in fact that they’re practically glowing with it.  But in this life, there is also so much hate.  So much disdain for “neighbors”.  It’s quite sickening really.  There have been things that have happened lately that have made my mouth drop open, have made me cry, have made my heart hurt, and made me disgusted.  Like I said above, life is about learning, maturing, growing.  These nasty spats have a great way of doing just that.  While I hate the horribleness of some people and the horribleness of things that happen, I also revel in it, because I know I will be stronger for it.

Along with the bad, there have also been things that have happened lately that have made my heart practically sing, have made me laugh, and cry tears of joy.  I revel in these moments too, because they not only make me stronger, but they make life awesome.  And you know what?  My life is awesome.


I don’t blog here to get popular.  I don’t blog here to make people feel the need to like me.  I blog here because it’s my space to express myself.  It’s my space to write down how I am feeling, what and who I am loving, what my girls said or what makes me happy, sad, upset, etc.  I write here to talk about my life as a wife, a mother, a business owner.  Inspiring others and getting comments is a bonus for me.  Making relationships with all of you is exciting for me.  This is my little space on the internet, and I love that you visit it.  Thank you for doing me that honor.  But when I do sit down to blog, it’s all about me.  {just being honest} – And in all honesty, I hope when you blog it’s all about you too.  What you like, who you want to promote, who you love, etc.

Today, I encourage you all to think about Rodney King’s quote.  Today I encourage you to think about what the bible says about loving your neighbor as yourself.  I know that I personally have faults in these areas that need to be worked on.  But don’t we all?  Don’t we all judge others?  Don’t we all look down our nose at others that do things we wouldn’t do?  Of course we do.  We are human.  But what can we do to be different?  What can we do to be honest?  In my opinion… the first step is always looking in the mirror.  Looking at yourself first – working on yourself first.  Then looking outward.  I hope when I look outward I haven’t left a trail of hate and garbage behind.  I hope I have left more love.  For me, love will always outshine the hate, unless you leave so much hate that’s it’s tainted everything and everyone around you.  Make love not war may sound like the cheesiest comment on earth, but I love the saying anyway.  If you truly love yourself, then you will truly love others.  Indeed.  It’s true.


This is me.  Keeping it real.




  1. you go, sister! Well put.

  2. Well said, my dear. <3

  3. keeping it real is the most important thing, shey, and thank you for this post. i have several blogging {and IRL} friends that are extremely modest {think: wearing skirts all the time and head covering} and blog about only that…and their beliefs. i don’t hold many of their beliefs, and it’s hard for me because i’m afraid that they’re going to be mad or hurt or something. peer pressure at it’s finest. :)
    so, thanks for writing this post. mind if i link to it?

  4. I really enjoy reading your thoughts, Shey.

  5. Well put.

    Focus on the positive and everything will work out. I think this applies to you:

    “You have a good heart. Let it shine and that’s all that matters.” ~ My Mom to me when I was young

  6. so so so true! Well put.
    I heard a quote recently that I felt spoke so true to the creative online world….
    “comparison is the opposite of creativity” and that is so true. Those who compare and try to compete are not at all being creative. Those who do what they love with out comparing themselves, or trying to be popular, are truly creative.

    Love it- beautiful blog post!

  7. I love it. Nice words. I appreciate you and honored to call you my friend.

  8. I just wanted to tell you that I am so grateful that I ran across your blog. I am a photographer myself and it is so great reading all that you have. Hopefully we can be blogging buddies! Have a wonderful weekend!


  9. just found you throu lil blue boo and glad I did. What an awesome find this morning. A major reason I’ve been revamping my blog, I started and built it all on the wrong reasons and now I’ve seen the error in my ways. Nothing like wiping the slate clean! Thanks for sharing your heart!

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