Shey B



What’s up homies?

I realize that I haven’t blogged in over a week.

I am here to rectify that, though.

Things are getting crazier and crazier every day over here.  Between tons of orders being sewn, and TONS of conference prep that needs to happen.  Plus hanging with my girlies and husband, which is So much fun always.  I haven’t gone to sleep before 2am this week either, so that’s wearing on me.  My own fault.  I tend to become a bit obsessed if I am reading a good book and I don’t want to put it down until my eyes are so heavy that I just can not keep them open any longer.  However, I did finish another book this morning at 3am.  ;)

Sooooo… I have gotten a ton of requests for certain products lately.  And after the 12th request last Sunday I decided to cave in and so, I will now be making Kindle Klutch’s and iPad iClutch’s.  Here is the preview of a couple of Kindle Klutch’s. . .  {these photos are from my iPhone – better pictures coming soon}  The one below will be listed in my store tonight.

And the one below I made for myself.  :)


And incase you haven’t noticed… I got brand spankin’ new labels for my products!  Woven labels!  Love them.

And…. I listed a TON of new camera strap cover designs and 3 new pillow slipcover designs!!


See ALL of the new camera strap covers and Pillow slipcover designs by clicking HERE!


So… have any plans this weekend?  Do tell!  ;)




  1. I love love love the Kindle Klutch!
    I will keep my eye out for when you post those :)

  2. do these fit a Sony e-reader??

  3. No really special plans for the weekend. The usual errands and cleaning around the house. We were going to put a side fence in, but it has been snowing all day at our house and it is supposed to continue tomorrow, so looks like we are staying in. I would love to take a nap though.

  4. so i guess you really, really want me to get a kindle now…huh? ;)

    loving all this new stuff, woman. you amaze me!

  5. Your stuff is all so cute! I love it all. Now I just need an ipad and a great camera and then I’ll be shopping away.

    And on a side note, I’m curious what your cool ticker tat is all about. :)

  6. Blown away by your talent, really so inspired. Less than two weeks til I get to have this discussions IRL! Woot!

  7. You have so many cute things, I love the Kindle cover!

  8. A friend directed me to your blog and I love it! The camera straps are adorable :)

  9. Shey, you inspire me! L.O.V.E. your camera straps! The sunny yellow one would be just the ticket to sport while shooting pics of my girls on the softball field this Spring!

  10. so.much.craftiness. i can’t take it… :)

  11. Hey! Here from Tatertots and Jello. I love your pillows! They are so cute!

  12. Oh, you are the man! The E-Reader cover fits your Kindle with it’s hard lighted case? Um, I think you are brilliant. So glad you are expanding. Good move.

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