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Crafting Arizona


I’m sitting here watching Mob Wives.  So much drama.  It’s hilarious.  Don’t you think shows like this make your life look better?  Mmm hmmm.  I agree.  There’s currently a girl fight happening.  hahaha!  Oh, that’s right.  This post is about Crafting Arizona, NOT Mob Wives.  Ooops.  :)

For some reason while watching this show I realized that I haven’t posted about our first Crafting Arizona gathering.  I have no idea why this show made me think about crafting.  There certainly wasn’t any drama that night… unless it was with a seam ripper.

So moving on… here are some pictures I took during the event…


Jess and I made tons of these….

{And we made the background in this photo} – Say hello to Rosemary & Jess.  They were the only ones that took pictures in front of our photo background…

We went really simple with the decor.  I used the desk I refinished {see this post}, we used some paper lanterns, pinwheels, the huge canvas I made years ago and food.  :)

Pizza Dough Pretzels {by me}

Root Beer Floats in canning jars.  {the tags on the jars are wood.  I spray painted them with chalkboard paint, and wrote the names of all the attendees in silver Sharpie since I couldn’t find a chalkboard pen}

I found massive Campfire Marshmallows at WalMart.  So Jess and I decided to make them better.  She dipped them in chocolate while I drizzled most of them with melted Reese’s peanut butter chips.

Meet Rosemary.  She’s awesome.  And she is also the founder of the brand new conference coming to Arizona in October called, Hello There! House {A Home & Garden Event} – more on that conference in another post.  Because it needs it’s on post to show how truly awesome of an event it’s going to be!

And here are most of the ladies {some hadn’t arrived yet} that attended…


Making yarn wreaths.  These turned out amazing!

Most everyone sewed.  Things made went anywhere from clothing to curtains, to me making only 2 headbands.  ;)


One of the attendees crochets.  She not only crochets, but makes AMAZING creations.  Such as the little Yoda below.

We were ALL dying at how cute he was.  Don’t you think?

That’s all for now!  I was so busy doing a million things I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked.

But there’s always next time!  Speaking of next time, space is limited!  So make sure to register for August’s Crafting Arizona today!!

Click HERE to do so.

Also.  There are only 22 tickets left for the Creative Estates Retreat in March of 2012!  Be sure to get yours before they sell out!

Click HERE to register.


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