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Dear Krylon: I love you.


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So you all know that I have been working on projects.  Many of them in fact.  And after the last few weeks I have fallen hopelessly inlove with the magic that is Krylon spray paint.  Seriously.  With a little love and some magical Krylon, even the most horrid things can turn into the most amazing things. So, let me show you what Krylon’s magic has been up to here in my home.  Of course a girls spray painting jobs are never done, so there will be more projects to share.  This week.  ;)


Remember the dresser I got for Zoe that I was re-finishing?  Well.  It’s done and in her new room!  Let me take you through this process…


Here is the dresser before in all of it’s hideous fashion… But it was obvious there was potential.


Priming… {thanks Jess!  Such a good model, isn’t she?}  :)  She was actually really assisting me.  But she got to get in some pictures.  I am sure she’s thrilled.


Looking a million times better already, yeah?


And wow.  When it was done being primed it already looked awesome.

Wait.  Hold the phone.  Let me let you in on a secret that Jess told me about.  See this below?  This trigger thingy.  This is a MUST have.  So go to WalMart and get one for $3.  It will save your poor finger pads.  {is that even right?  Finger pads?  Well it is now!}  ;)

OK.  Now that you have been schooled in how to make your spray painting life much easier on your finger PADS, let’s move on.


OK.  So all but 3 pieces of the dresser’s hardware were in great condition, and I happened to love the ones below… just not the gold.  So…


What else to do but spray paint them?  Black.

Boom.  Already a magical difference.  :)

And now comes the real magic. Because here is Zoe’s dresser all competed…


It’s Perfection in Krylon Raspberry.


The hardware for the middle drawers were broken and looked terrible.  So we went to Hobby Lobby and found these beauties…



They were a rubbed goldish/black so I just spray painted them black to match the other hardware…

Crowns = perfection.

Lastly.  I love the feet on this dresser.

And voila!  An old piece of junk dresser has new life as a Raspberry beauty.  Magic.  :)


Total cost for Dresser:

$25 for dresser {Goodwill}

$14 for 4 cans of Raspberry Krylon Spray Paint {WalMart}

$6 for 3 crown knobs {Hobby Lobby}

Grand Total = $45



Next up.  My “new” desk in my sewing room!

Might I first add that this desk was made in 1981?  Yep!  It’s as old as I am.  30 years later it’s getting a face lift!


These pictures were taken at night, by the way.

OK, so here are the before shots.  {above and below}

Priming time…

SO much better already, right?  Seriously.

Now… it’s spray paint time.  This time… I went with metallic Silver!

My boy hung out for a bit too.  He’s the supervisor.  ;)

OK, so I couldn’t get many good shots of it at night.  So imagine me showing you what the desk frame looked like just after it was spray painted.

Now… check it out in my sewing room in all of it’s 30 year old glory!

{I also spray painted that frame in Bauhaus Gold and the frame’s glass in Chalkboard}

I went to Hobby Lobby and replaced all of the hardware.

Now it looks AMAZING!  I adore it.  :)

Oh and I know you’re eyeing that chair right?  Isn’t it great?

Best ever Craigslist find for $45!

Total cost for Desk:

$15 for desk {Goodwill}

$8 for 2 cans of Meltallic Silver Krylon Spray Paint {WalMart}

$13 for all hardware {Hobby Lobby}

Grand Total = $36



I have many more Krylon Spray Paint love to share later this week!!  Stay tuned!

{there will be another giveaway tomorrow as well, so be sure to come back!}

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  1. Love both of these so much! I’ve GOT to find Brookelyn a dresser like that. Have been looking with no success!

  2. I’m a huge Goodwill and Craigslist stocker … Love the great finds, Shey … and, yes, that chair is the best find eva!!!

  3. OMGosh!! Those look AWESOME!!!! Great job!

  4. that raspberry dresser is just delicious! i love it and i bet your daughter will too!

  5. This might sound like a silly question but I’m a super beginner at refinishing. Did you sand the pieces before you primed?

  6. Love this. Totally my style. I’m working on a metallic piece as we speak. Hope you will share at our link party every Sunday at….xo….mONICa

  7. that desk is awesome! love the silver!

  8. the dresser looks so lovely!! love the bright pink! and of course that chair. oh my! it has so much character.

  9. That pink dresser came out awesome. Excellent job :) Very inspiring blog you have here.

  10. What was the dresser and desk made of for you to be able to use krylon paint? Congrats–they looked awesome.


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